6 Compelling Approaches To Automate Your Ecommerce Website

automate eCommerce website

The automation wave has reached and approached the eCommerce industry with promising effectiveness and efficiency. To get the very first step to automate your eCommerce website, maybe you have some concerns and can not utilize their automatic software. 

Therefore, we are here today to bring life-changing ways to help you automate your website and hence enhance eCommerce productivity and profits.


6 Ways To Automate Your Ecommerce Website

Engage New Customers

Engage new customersNew customers are a new source of reputation and revenue, paying more attention to them is truly necessary. Some kind of greetings like “Welcome to our store” will make them feel welcomed and appreciated. Moreover, instant support when they are lost in a wide range of products on your eCommerce website will create a first impression. There are many ways to do that. You can take advantage of chatbots to help customers communicate with supporters whenever they want.

Pop Up Suggested Products

Pop up suggested productsAutomating your website to use data analytic and A.I application which the information from customer profile, time spent, previous orders, etc. to predict what their expected items are. After analysis, you can create pop-up notifications about products, enclosed with special deals and welcomed gifts. Automated recommendations can help customers save time to find their favorite products, which allows your eCommerce store to earn more revenue.

Minimize Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonmentShopping cart abandonment is truly a nightmare for online sellers. While customers at offline stores never throw their shopping cart, online customers usually ignore carts without finishing order procedures. 

Automating your website with pop-up notifications or reminders emails to customers who haven’t completed their order with a friendly attitude and engaging content will turn abandoned shopping carts into conversion. Some reliable research has shown that if two people receive the buying reminder emails, one of them will make a purchase. 

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Maintain Customer Relationships

Automate customer relationship maintaining for websiteYour old customers, who have purchased products at your stores, will have brand trust and tend to spend more money at your eCommerce store. That is why maintaining customer relationships is crucial. 

There are some powerful strategies to automate your website to keep in touch with your customers. Firstly, it is necessary to segment them to establish suitable marketing strategies. With customers behavior tracking on your eCommerce site, you can use Atom8 to help you group them and make further contact. 

Secondly, the marketing emails which fit their expectations should be sent annually with special deals and gifts. 

Thirdly, you should wholeheartedly consult and solve arising problems whenever they are needed. 

Manage Inventory

Automate inventory management for websiteInventory management plays an important role in selling. You would better know how many products you have, forecast upcoming demands, and solve out-of-stock problems. If your stores are in BigCommerce or Shopify platforms, Atom8 can help you to deal with these problems. It can automate your website to update your inventory status to let you know about low-stock items. Moreover, it can send orders information to third-party logistics companies, fulfilling orders with a smooth and transparent workflow. Additionally, if your stocks are sold out and concurrently in the refilling process, you can take advantage of the BackOrder app on BigCommerce platform to allow customers to buy out-of-stock items as preorders.

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Detect Frauds

Automate eCommerce frauds detecting for websiteThe number of fraudulent orders has increased over years and became a potential threat to the company’s profit. To identify frauds in the very first stage, for example, Atom8 will examine the information of orders through your pre-set condition. 

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If the orders can not pass the first check, the notification about potential fraudulent orders will be sent to staff. At this step, if you can not decide whether orders are fraudulent, the next step is exporting information to a spreadsheet and let the ShipStation know and pay more attention. Hence, ShipStation will connect with the customers and suppliers to make final decisions.  



We already listed the six most effective ways to automate websites with detailed descriptions and examples. We hope that you can adopt all the approaches into real business contexts and enhance your productivity.

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