B2B Order Delays? Solve It with BigCommerce B2B Features

BigCommerce B2B features

Are you having issues with business-to-business (B2B) order delays? Slow order processing can hurt your company’s reputation and sales. The good news is that BigCommerce has special B2B features built right into their eCommerce platform. These tools are designed to streamline and speed up the entire B2B ordering process for both you and your customers. 

By employing BigCommerce B2B features, you can solve those frustrating order delays once and for all. Keep reading to learn more about how these powerful features can help your B2B business run more smoothly and efficiently.

Potential challenges behind B2B order delays

Keeping up with sales channels is a tough task

Having many channels to sell online means more chances to make money. But it can also cause problems. More orders might mean too much work, which can lead to delays and mistakes when handling inventory and shipping from websites, phones, and in person.

Inventory often runs out without warning

B2B customers take time to find the right products and companies to buy from. So it is frustrating when they place an order but then get told the item is out of stock. 

Without a system to see your inventory, you risk running out unexpectedly. This causes shipping delays, especially during busy periods. Having the right technology lets you control and set aside inventory properly.

Data and information are frequently scattered and difficult to manage

When businesses are just starting, it is common for teams to use different technologies and software programs to manage orders. This might include an eCommerce website, order software, and accounting tools. 

But this approach doesn’t work well long-term because it separates your data into silos with incorrect information. You need a unified view of everything for accurate, real-time reports on finances, sales, and customer forecasts.

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Your current system is hard for buyers to use

Your customers want an easy way to get order updates and see accurate shipping status. If your system makes this hard or time-consuming, customers will go somewhere else that has a simpler process. Easy, efficient systems improve trust in your brand and keep customers coming back.

Solve B2B Order Delays with BigCommerce B2B Features

Excellent BigCommerce B2B features and the partners will help businesses manage and speed up their order process.

Orders categorization

Atom8’s Orders Categorization feature for BigCommerce automates and streamlines B2B order processing. It allows you to set up conditional workflows to automatically categorize products based on sales volume or other criteria. High-volume orders can trigger expedited notifications to prioritize fulfillment. 

In addition, the app integrates with your CRM/ERP systems, automatically updating them with new orders via HTTP requests. It also notifies your logistics team when orders ship, keeping everyone coordinated. 

With automated order categorization and intelligent prioritization, you can optimize operational efficiency and deliver exceptional B2B customer experiences.

Order confirmation

When a customer places an order online or by phone, BigCommerce captures all their information. Customers immediately receive a confirmation email, text, or receipt. Their order details go into a centralized management list for easy communication on shipping updates and marketing.

Order management list

Once an order comes in, one of the BigCommerce B2B features allows you to integrate with your warehouse to reserve the required inventory and update stock levels automatically. If an item is out of stock, it creates a backorder and uses Atom8 B2B to instantly notify the customer.


Once an order comes in, the distribution center allocates and reserves the required products for that order. This can be done manually by staff or through automated systems.

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The order is then sent to the warehouse, where workers pick and package the items to prepare them for shipment to the customer.

If any of the ordered products are out of stock, a backorder is created for those items. The inventory data is updated to reflect the current stock levels and unavailability of those backordered products.

When an item is showing out of stock, it’s important to let the customer know right away using Backorder. This allows you to communicate proactively and set proper expectations about any potential delays in fulfilling part of their order.

Shipment notification

Customers can self-serve by viewing order status and shipping information and processing returns themselves through BigCommerce portals. This reduces inquiries while providing full transparency.

Order fulfillment

For returns and exchanges, BigCommerce mirrors the regular fulfillment process in reverse – confirming returned items received and issuing credits to customers.

Go paperless

A B2B order management software allows you to go paperless by reducing the need for printed orders, packing slips, invoices, and more. Everything is digitized and communicated via email or online portals. This provides a more eco-friendly solution that appeals to environmentally-conscious customers while also cutting costs on paper, ink, printers, and maintenance.

Centralize data across multiple channels

With a centralized order management system, all customer data and orders get consolidated into one location – regardless of whether the order came in online, by phone, email, or other channel. This BigCommerce B2B feature gives your sales team a single source of accurate customer and inventory information to provide personalized service. The unified data can also feed your marketing and sales strategies.

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Reduce supply chain complexity

An integrated system provides full visibility into inventory levels, order status, shipping locations, and expected delivery times across your entire supply chain – from warehouses to 3PLs to fulfillment centers. Sharing these insights reduces complexity and fires out from lack of transparency. Your team can be proactive instead of reactive.

Track orders and keep customers happy

Sometimes orders need updates after being placed – changes to quantities, delivery instructions, payment info, etc. With an automated system, these modifications can seamlessly happen at any point in the process before shipping. This flexibility keeps customers happy.

Order customization

As valuable B2B customers, buyers want to feel prioritized with customized billing, delivery, and communication experiences tailored specifically to their business needs. This attention to detail builds loyalty.

Get orders out the door faster

By automating and integrating every step – from order intake to inventory management to shipping – orders can get processed and out the door faster. Real-time data sharing and full process visibility help expedite fulfillment speed.

In Conclusion

Dealing with B2B order delays can hurt your business’s reputation and customer relationships. The good news is that BigCommerce B2B features are built right into their eCommerce platform, like intelligent order categorization, centralized inventory visibility, automated fulfillment processing, and self-service order tracking. 

By leveraging Atom8 – an all-in-one BigCommerce automated solution of B2B tools, you can solve those frustrating order bottlenecks and keep your customers happy. The improved efficiency and stellar customer experience will give you a crucial competitive edge.

Ready to transform your B2B ordering process with BigCommerce? Contact us today! Our team is ready to help you take your operations to new heights.


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