5 Essential Stages Of A Winning B2B Sales Funnel

b2b sales funnel stages

.The approaches which follow B2B sales funnel stages will take sellers to the successful sale. However, the business runners may not understand clearly about each stage, leading to mistakes when adopting them into real context. Therefore, our article today will help you to have a transparent picture of B2B sales funnel stages.

5 Steps To A Brilliant B2B Sales Funnel

Define The Lead

You may come across a lot of customers during your selling. To establish the most appropriate approach for each type of customer, you may need to categorize them. There are several types of customers, that can be assigned to some groups as below:

  • Suspect: Customers who have compatible characteristics with your products and may choose your products in the future
  • Prospect: A smaller group of customers that is in “Suspect” is defined that need your products and may make buying decisions in the near future
  • Lead: A smaller group of customers that is in “Prospect” has interacted with your marketing campaigns or advertisements. The customers who are in this group will be divided into smaller groups. Such as Inbound leads, Marketing Qualified Leads, prospective leads, Target account leads, etc. 

Conduct The Call

After categorizing the customers into suitable leads, you may need to conduct the call. The goal of the first call is to get basic information about the customers’ demand for further sale strategies. This call also helps you to reinforce the previous step to know whether it is true to assign the customers in that type of lead. Note that this call can not help you withdraw any insights or something really meaningful. In fact, this is just the basic introduction for you and your customers. 

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The next call which lasts about 25 minutes will open chances for you to discuss deeper issues including objectives, challenges, contexts, and other aspects. After calling, you may have a better understanding of whether you should cooperate. 

Find The Opportunities

With the information from the introduction call and discovery call above, you can analyze and find the opportunities of this coworking. In this step, you may need to find the reasons why they need (or needn’t) to buy from you, who are really potential and who is the buying decision-maker.

Enter Trial Stage And Make Buying Decision

Before starting to make the final decision, conducting a demo product will get more trust from the partners and have a more solid idea about whether the products are suitable in this situation or not. 

Whenever the partners find it interesting, they may request a second demo for sure to discover more in-depth features and have more evidence to make a decision. It is also time to ask more about your partners as well as find core information to move to the negotiation step.

Negotiate And Results

You may try to be polite and get a successful negotiation with careful preparation and ideal offers. Following the “win-win” formula will help you succeed and have desirable partners. Whenever you reach final achievement, start to do business with the terms and conditions in the contracts and find ways to maintain customer relationships in the long term.


If you have gone through the 5 essential stages of the B2B sales funnel above, you really can overcome popular sales challenges and increase your revenue from today.

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