The ultimate B2B website checklist

b2b website checklist

The B2B marketing website is not only important but also critical in triggering demand and attracting consumers via clarity and trust, through content and design. But still, there are many things to do and some might be forgotten during the process of building. Therefore, in this article, the ultimate B2B website checklist will be given to help you improve those pages or plan for a redesign.

A quick and simple ordering process

The first and foremost priority for an eCommerce website is customer experiences. Besides, we already know that B2B purchasing is more complicated than B2C.

B2B merchants can be reluctant to go online since working with wholesalers tends to be a bit more manual. They can require company accounts with personalized roles & permissions. Or they might ask for other flexible features like payment methods, quick order, and negotiation. If your website isn’t capable of customization, it will create more trouble than help.

If you are building a B2B Magento website, there are 10 must-have features to ensure profitability. Check out our Magento B2B platform for a robust all-in-one solution. It certainly can satisfy both you and your distributors.

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Short and descriptive headline 

Those few words are actually the content that will be read first by viewers, among tons of websites and a large amount of content at a time. Therefore, in order to save time and be stand out, make sure to keep a short and descriptive headline that briefly introduces you and your product.

Imagine you meet someone for the first time at a party. They ask what you do. You respond with the words at the top of your service page.

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If the header at the top of the page isn’t descriptive, visitors will have to scroll, scan and keep reading to learn what your company offers.

Every visit to your page starts with this question: Am I in the right place? It’s the header’s job to answer.

Quick visual credibility

Besides the short headlines, it is also essential that the visuals need to be well taken care of. People usually ignore this and assume visuals are only important in the B2C sector. However, this assumption is wrong. In fact, the next step for a great B2B service page is to differentiate the brand from competitors. This can be done quickly and visually with logos near the top of the page.

These so-called “trust seals” build trust instantly. They also provide a bit of differentiation. Not every competitor can put these on their pages. And once you are able to do it, you are creating a brand identity for your own business that reminds people every time they have needs. 

Answers to top sales questions

Imagine the phone rings and there are lots of questions from consumers regarding your products or services. Each can be different between people but in general the concept and the concern of consumers are the same. Therefore, in order to be well prepared for this, you should list out some potential questions or circumstances that might happen. It’s a prospect called to talk about this service.

  • What is happening for them that led them to call you?
  • Which questions would they be likely to ask? 
  • What are they worried about? Hoping for?
  • How would you answer them? 
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The best service pages emulate that sales conversation. It answers questions, addresses objections, and gives examples. The more educated the visitor, the more likely they are to become a lead.

Testimonials from happy clients

A lawyer wouldn’t go to trial without a witness. Web designers shouldn’t go live without testimonials.

Every one of your messages has a messenger. And the best messenger is the client themselves. When they say it, the message transforms from regular marketing into social proof.

Social proof shows that others have chosen your brand, making the choice feel safer. And the wording in testimonials is often more forthright than anything you could have written yourself.

Notice how testimonials, either video or text, can answer questions and address objections.


If you don’t have one of these on your site, it might be hard to imagine the business impact. Right now, as you read this sentence, people are looking for your services. Who do they find? They’re visiting your competitor’s webpages. What are they learning?

It’s kind of incredible. If you’ve never seen the Analytics behind a high-performing sales page, it’s dramatic. It’s a game-changer. Improve your sales pages by checking through this ultimate B2B website checklist.


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