Expert-approved cross sell strategies to boost your eCommerce revenue

cross sell strategy

Boosting revenues is also the first goal of all the eCommerce stores. There are various ways to increase your sales but cross-selling is considered as one the most awesome methods. However, to get the expected results, high conversion rate and desirable revenues, the eCommerce sellers will need real effective cross-sell strategies. Therefore, we will give you some expert-approved cross-sell strategies with detailed explanation.

Don’t Miss Out On These Cross-sell Strategies

Utilize Information From Last Purchase

With return customers, data from the previous purchases is truly valuable for stores to generate cross-selling products. This is the simplest and the most popular approach. It has helped a lot of businesses earn a thousand million more. From the last purchases, the businesses can figure out what the customers bought. From customer’s behavior, preferences and budget ranges business can generate well-matched cross-sell suggestions. You can take advantage of tracking tools to collect all those information. Moreover you can export them into the Spreadsheet for further analysis and draw customers’ insights.

Buy More To Get More

We are going to consider a popular form of cross-sell: Buy More Get More. This is also a common strategy for sellers. For example, a store which has a “3 raincoats for 1 umbrella” program will motivate their customers to buy three raincoats or more to get a free umbrella. Although the customers do not plan to buy three raincoats, the free umbrella will persuade them to put more raincoats on their shopping carts. This approach can also be conducted with freeship vouchers. You can set the minimum spend for each order, at which the customers can receive a freeship voucher for their orders. Moreover, your pages also need to display the amount of money the customers need to shop more to get the free shipping.

Similar Taste

The customers tend to follow the tastes of the majority. The businesses have comprehended this tendency so they usually suggest cross-selling products with the title “Other users also bought…” to provoke customers’ curiosity and persuade them to buy more items. The customers, who were recommended to buy products, will never feel uneasy but they feel grateful because they have bought the trending items. Moreover, the product recommendation pop-ups also have the title “Frequently Bought Together” to suggest customers to buy complementary products for better experience.

Buy In Collection

This kind of cross-sell strategies usually appears in stores which specialize in fashion, furniture and decoration products. For example, if the customers buy a green shirt, your store will suggest a well-matched green shirt for a perfect outfit. With this approach, you can advertise your new collection, cross-sell and give customers options to help them improve their styles. In the furniture store, this way may help customers decorate their houses with professional design and aesthetic elements. 


Our cross-sell strategies which had been collected from top experts may bring your more ideas to plan for cross-selling strategies. We hope that you can strengthen your approaches to boost eCommerce revenues, enhance customer satisfaction and communicate with customers better.


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