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ecommerce product recommendation

eCommerce product recommendation is a prevailing approach to upsell and cross-sell that bring promising revenues and enhance the customer shopping experience. However, careless product recommendations may disturb customers, increase customer churn rate and cart abandonment. Therefore, how to launch product recommendations effectively? Our article today will try to answer this question with the top 10 awesome insights of eCommerce product recommendations.

10 Awesome Findings Of eCommerce product recommendation

Personalized Approaches

Honestly, not all customers are excited about the same product recommendation because they have different demands. The irrelevant suggested product pop-ups will disrupt customers shopping experience and reduce product conversion rate. Therefore, the successful eCommerce product recommendation requires a deeper level of personalization to bring the most expected items to the customers and save their browsing time and effort. However, understanding each customer’s preference and creating personalized suggestions are big challenges for the sellers. Thanks to modern inventions, there is some application that you can utilize to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of your recommendation. For example, if you use the BigCommerce platform, the Product recommendation app from GritGlobal is a flexible solution for upselling and cross-selling strategies with incredible customized ability and easy to use. 

Product recommendation On Product Page

Product is a place in which the customers can have a fulfilled picture of all the products of your stores, also a place which the customers spent time to consider and choose your best-fitted items. Recommendations that are displayed on this page will help the customers shorten their searching time and help the sellers upsell effortlessly. The most prevalent forms of recommendations of product pages include “Frequently bought together” or “Related products” which is a powerful way to cross-sell and “Trending product” which can attract chic customers.

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Product recommendation On Cart Page

Cart page is a place in which customers finish their orders so if there are any unrelated elements that disrupt customers’ shopping experiences, they may abandon the shopping cart. Product recommendation on this page needs to be more accurate and supportive to improve both upsell and cross-sell. Besides top trendy products, the cart page is considered as the best place for “Frequently Bought Together” to strengthen upsell strategies.

Product recommendation On HomePage

Home Page plays a vital role in attracting customers at the very first sight as it is your stores’ appearance. The trendy, diversified product recommendations here create a first impression for the customers. Because it may promise that your store can meet the customers’ demands. There is no reason to hide your “Trending products” recommendations box. Furthermore, you may need to keep your recommendations running and switch to various products naturally and consistently. Also, you can adopt personalization here with “You May Like” product recommendations based on customers profiles and behaviors on your site. 

Product recommendation On Browse Page

Browse Page or Search Page consumes a lot of customers’ time searching for best-fitted products. It is also an opportunity for sellers to recommend some related products. Those are shown in “You May Like” based on customers’ searching history and “Trending Products” based on your selling report.

Product recommendation On Blog Page

Blog Page is a place that contains various information and buying guides that is easy to build customers’ trust. This page is also a place for effective product recommendations. On the Blog page, the sellers can pop up “You May Like” and “Trending Products” based on customers behaviors, including which blogs they have read. This approach can help the customers comprehend their intent-to–buy products and have more ideas to choose items.

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Product recommendation On Error Page

Sometimes your websites may have some mistakes that prevent customers from accessing their target page. But it is also a chance for sellers to recommend products. Here, the customers can suggest related products via “Most Popular”, “You May Like” and “New Arrivals” to catch customers’ attention.

Product recommendation On Category Page

Category page is a wonderful page as it already sets specific customer segments. Therefore, product recommendations on this page will need a high level of accuracy and personalization to meet the expectation of each customer. The best product recommendation forms on this page include “Trending products”, “You May Like” and “New Arrivals”.

Run A/B Tests

You can not evaluate which is the best product recommendation form of your store? Then, you may need to experiment to quickly measure how your sale is going via A/B test.

A/B testing helps you to compare between two options, for example, A and B. They are completely different and this test may experiment which option can perform better, meet customers’ expectations and increase sales. Therefore, you can choose the best solution to focus on rather than wasting time and effort on the ineffective one. 

Reflection On Performance Report

After running product recommendations, you may need to evaluate your stores’ performance to realize strengths, weaknesses. That means you can know what needs to be maintained and what needs to be stopped. All the information is in your performance report. It includes product page conversion rate, customer churn rate, customers’ feedback, cart abandonment rate. For example, the GritGlobal product recommendation application can help you to export performance reports and plan for the next recommendation strategies with optimal solutions.

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We believe that our insights for product recommendation will help you strengthen your strategies and hope you will succeed with your approaches. 


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