How to manage a BigCommerce store effectively

BigCommerce stores have been so common due to their ability of customization characteristics that assured satisfied customer experiences. Furthermore, this platform is also known for simple site management which helps businesses to optimize selling. On the other hand, a lot of businesses are having trouble managing their stores. This article will show you how to manage BigCommerce store effectively.


How to manage your BigCommerce store effectively

Align Marketing Strategy with eCommerce Trends

Ecommerce enterprises need to follow and stay ahead of the trends going on within the industry. Due to the fact that the world, in general, is dynamic, there are so many things that are volatile, hence, updating while managing the store is one of the important strategies to make. Customers will feel that they are related to you and your product once you are able to merge the trends and your marketing strategy to attract and convert them. Base your marketing strategy on eCommerce trends that you get to learn from industry insiders and experts. Leverage tools and technologies with the help of a team of BigCommerce experts in the USA to make your job easier and better.

Create interesting, useful content

This was no doubt a worth considering point for each and every owner when building the image for the product and store. Since the competition is getting more and more intensive, consumers might be approached by thousands of messages and emails every day. So in order to remind them of you, the content has to adapt these criteria as follows. 

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Firstly, it has to be interesting, if not, then the reader will slide away before finishing reading and understanding you. Secondly, single-minded, it means that the content should be easy to understand with one message solely to remember. After you are able to meet the two first criteria, the next step is to build useful content that is related to the thing that consumers are having trouble with or are looking for. It helps you to increase your conversion rate and boost sales.


The Industrial Performance Group conducted a study on North American salespersons and found that it took salespeople only 36% of their time for selling, while the rest of the time was to deal with problems, administration, emails, making reports, etc.

Automation will be the answer to your problem and concern, to eliminate administrative tasks and improve productivity. Refer to Atom8, this app helps to automate some websites tasks. You can compose sales emails and make instantly available templates. After you have reduced your teams from administrative tasks, you will have more time to focus on other important tasks. Atom8 is available for your BigCommerce store:

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This app helps you save hours of working thanks to automation

Incorporate Positive Customer Reviews

As a consumer, once they read too many ads that promote the product, they will then rely on the review and feedback of other buyers to see which is worth the hype. Most consumers go online to go through handy product reviews and look for ratings of the product before making their minds to buy a product. 

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Therefore It is essential to incorporate a product review feature within the BigCommerce store to boost credibility and drive conversion rates. Approve or disapprove reviews based on how they would be displayed on site. If there is disagreement, replying with honesty and solving problems is also a method to show you are willing to help them and that makes them satisfied.



Above are the ways you can learn and apply to manage BigCommerce store effectively. Each store will require different ways to manage but it will all come down to some similar concept to boost sales and enhance customer satisfaction. So give them a try and the result will surprise you.

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