A short guide to hiding price in Magento 2

magento 2 hide price

While some stores choose to hide their products’ prices, others state that hiding the prices is unwise. If you are still concerned about whether you should hide the price or not, you need to collect more information about this approach. Don’t worry because our article today will show the ultimate guide to hide price in Magento 2.

How To Hide Price On Your Magento 2 Store


Hiding price is hiding the products and does not make them public for the customers to see when they browse on your product page. To know the detailed price of the products, the customers may need to send a message or make a request and wait for the sellers’ response of the prices in minutes. 

Advantages Of Hiding Price In B2B Ecommerce

Common factors affecting prices in B2B are value and persona. Especially for stores with both B2B and B2C customers, pricing strategies can vary greatly. Hiding prices can give merchants less pricing competition and avoid questions from different customer segments.

The product prices may witness a lot of fluctuation that if the customers can see and realize the increase in price, they may give up buying. Hiding prices will prevent customers from feeling disappointed and leaving your Magento 2 store due to the unexpected high prices.
The customers, who want to know the prices, are willing to contact the sellers and they will receive more than the prices.

It is a chance for the sellers to give more information about the products, consult and convince them to buy products. The customers, who already know the prices, may give up buying without any suggestions and advice from the sellers. Hiding the prices, as a result, will help you to increase the conversion rate and enhance customers engagement as well. 

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Disadvantages Of Hiding Price In B2B Ecommerce

However, high prices on your Magento 2 stores can leave the customers with bad impressions. They may be concerned about why the price is not publicized and whether this store is trustworthy. Moreover, not all the customers want to have a conversation with sellers, they are not willing to ask for price and then they will choose another store to shop to avoid the complicated procedure. 

When Is It Suitable To Hide Price?

Firstly, you may need to hide the prices of valuable products, limited edition products, or the unique ones. Then let customers contact you and then you will have a chance to persuade them to put them in their shopping carts. 

Secondly, you can gain considerable revenues when hiding prices of high-priced products. Like high-value products, the sellers also try to convince customers to place orders.

Thirdly, if you want your B2B pricing to be private and initiate conversations with wholesalers, then it’s better to hide them.

The products or services which have various pricing options with different characteristics and functions may need to be hidden prices. The customers can make their decisions for the well-matched products that meet their requirements. Furthermore they can have an affordable price after receiving buying guides from the sellers

Suggested Tools To Hide Price For Your Magento 2 Store

To hide the price in Magento 2, you may need to take advantage of some useful extensions. While Magento 2 Hide Price is famous for its ability to hide price from specific products, many categories, and customer groups, Magento 2 Request For Quote is good at approving, rejecting, and customizing the quote requests.

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You might also want to take a look at the all-in-one B2B solution for Magento store by GritGlobal. The ability to manage B2B accounts hierarchically, create custom catalogs and tier pricing will be extremely valuable. It will ensure that when your wholesalers is logged in, they can view custom pricing and order quickly.

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With our instructions, we hope that you can completely understand about hiding price in Magento 2 and establish suitable approaches for your ecommerce business to satisfy customers and boost sales.


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