5 Sales Automation For Your BigCommerce Store This Labor Day

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Labor Day might signal the end of Summer and grilling season, but for many, the weekend sales and deals are the perfect time to stock up on Fall and Winter essentials. If you’re running an online store, now is the time to build a winning Labor Day sales campaign with automation. These 5 Sales Automation workflows for your BigCommerce store will boost your revenue while letting you enjoy the weekend to the fullest.

All automation templates in this blog article were built and tested using Atom8 – BigCommerce Automation app. Atom8 is an accessible and powerful automation tool for BigCommerce stores, allowing any merchants, regardless of technical expertise, to build and implement workflows to handle time-consuming tasks. You can also apply each template’s conditional logic to your preferred automation tool.

1. Automate A Special Labor Day Discount Program

Scheduling an automated promotion campaign helps your store stay punctual and reduces manual work for your team. With Atom8, you can set a time-based promotion program to run automatically during Labor Day weekend, applying discounts for specific product categories.

TRIGGER: Trigger by time: At 12:00 AM on September 1st, 2023

CONDITION: If any of the product categories match the following: Name is equal to Labor Day Sales

ACTION: Change product sale price: Discount 30%

ACTION: Publish Category Page

DELAY: 24 hours

ACTION: Remove the product from a category Labor Day Sales

ACTION: Unpublish Category Page

2. Publish Labor Day Sales Banners and Theme on Schedule

You don’t have to wait to publish your sales banner and switch theme; use a scheduled workflow to automate your banner ads this Labor Day with Atom8. 

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TRIGGER: Trigger by time: At 12:00 AM on September 1st, 2023

ACTION: Publish banner ads: Labor Day Sales

DELAY: 15 minutes

ACTION: Publish banner ads: Shoes Discount

DELAY: 15 minutes

ACTION: Publish banner ads: Shirt Discount

DELAY: 15 minutes

ACTION: Publish banner ads: Backpack Discount

DELAY: 2 Days

ACTION: Unpublish banner ads: ALL

3. Send Targeted Labor Day Sales Emails

Consider sending emails to your current and potential customers to kick off your sales automation on Labor Day. You can send these emails weeks before any sales to create excitement or send them early in the week to ensure they are read.

Personalization is key to making your emails stand out and grab attention. Try to personalize your emails as much as possible by including items your customers are interested in. You can use data about demographics, location, and total spending to segment your customers into groups and send them personalized emails.

Atom8’s HTTP Workflows can transfer customer’s information from BigCommerce to your mailing system using API. So whether you are using Klaviyo, MailChimp, or just regular GMail, get an automation workflow to push customer’s data to your CMS and automatically send out personalized targeted emails.

TRIGGER: Order Is Placed

ACTION: GET HTTP Request for Customer’s Data (Name, Email, Order) from BigCommerce API

IF: Order Category is Labor Day Sales

ACTION: HTTP Request to CMS to PATCH Customer’s Data

ACTION: Send automated personalized emails using CMS

4. Schedule Product Visibility and Merchandising

Automating your store’s visibility and product ranking is a great way to increase conversions during a sales event. Using Atom8, BigCommerce merchants can automatically change specific product rankings on the storefront. Set up this workflow to ensure customers see your best sellers and greatest deals.

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TRIGGER: Trigger by time: At 12:00 AM on September 1st, 2023

IF: Product Category Name is Labor Day Sales

ACTION: Change Product Sort Order: +1

DELAY: 2 Days

ACTION: Change Product Sort Order

5. Shopping Cart Reminder Email for Cart Abandonment

This Labor Day Weekend is an exciting shopping time, with many excellent offers available to shoppers. However, it’s common for shoppers to fill their carts with items only to abandon them later. Consider sending a shopping cart reminder email to bring these shoppers back and increase your sales. By integrating your store with email automation apps like MailChimp and Klaviyo, you can send a timely reminder email to shoppers to complete their transactions. Highlight available promos and sales with limited-time offers to make the email more effective. With this approach, you can confidently win back shoppers and boost sales.

TRIGGER: When an order is fulfilled

CONDITION: If the payment status is equal to: Imcomplete

DELAY: 24 hour

ACTION: Send email to the customer via MailChimp

Moreover, Atom8 also has other helpful automation features to help make your sales automation Labor Day successful:


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