Elements of a successful Shopify website

Elements of a successful Shopify website

Shopify is an international eCommerce platform that allows people to create a website and start selling in a short amount of time. The store visual builder saves time and effort for merchants, with ready-made themes and features to ensure a good customer experience on Shopify websites.

But aside from standard features of the platform, store owners need to optimize their site in various aspects to improve conversion rate. Let us go through the most important elements to build a successful eCommerce website.

High-Quality Images

The website of Shopify enables shoppers to use the highest quality of images. Though Shopify features an adaptable design and algorithms are excellent at scaling and presenting your photos across screens, assisting them with appropriate file sizes might result in an even better purchasing experience.

Visually, an excellent banner or product image attracts your customers and increases the chance to capture a sale. Moreover, it also helps customers in choosing the right product and reduces returns due to dissatisfaction.

Clear policies

The Shopify stores should have an unambiguous and detailed clear policy. No word should be vague or indefinite. Every fact should be reasserted and communicated to customers. For example, privacy policy, term of service, return policy, backorder policy.

Your policies should be linked on relevant pages, in the site’s footer, to ensure customers can access them easily. Other than customer satisfaction, clear policies also help to minimize risks of fraud. Furthermore, having FAQs and policies for customer self-support will increase productivity for your customer support team.

Easy to get support

If the customer was unable to solve problems themselves with the information on your website, they should be able to find support quickly. Best practices are to set up live chat on your store, link to social pages where they can get help, or display your email and hotline. Moreover, you can set clear expectations and reduce frustration by making your working time clear.

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Personalized customer experience

You can also establish a personalized customer experience on the website. Shopify tags make it easier for you to segment customers, and even effortless with the help of a Shopify automation app.

At Shopify, the businesses have a chance to create one-of-a-kind, hyper-personalized emails to advertise the things your customers are most interested in right now. Create customized feeds and amazing personalized content for any email service provider on Shopify.
The shop owners can skyrocket their generation of revenue and conversion rates by using the personalized customer experience.

Mobile friendly

Mobile devices account for more than half of all Shopify eCommerce traffic. Responsive themes, mobile-friendly checkouts, and mobile stores are just a few of the mobile-friendly features available in Shopify. You’re falling behind if you’re not tailoring your marketing and email campaigns. Customers’ communications should be tailored to their needs and prompt them to take action.


Shopify takes all the appropriate measures for increasing the security of websites on its platform. This is indeed one of the best features as it soothes the heart and mind of the customers.

While you can rest assure of Shopify’s security, it is also important to show trust signs to your customers. Moreover, taking measures to protect yourself from fraudulent orders can give you optimal efficiency.


These are some of the essential factors in maintaining a great and inspiring presence as well as increasing conversion rate of a Shopify website. You can optimize your website further by analyzing customer behavior and test different strategies to find your own best practices.

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