Top 5 eCommerce Automations To Kick Back on July 4th

Black Friday banners

Are you wondering how to make an effective July 4th strategy? Don’t worry. In this article, we will discuss some of the proven hacks to plan for the coming 4th of July break to scoop up as many extra sales as possible while enjoying a cold one with your loved ones.

1. Create special 4th of July banners on your website

Special 4th of July banners will impress your shoppers with special Holiday discounts. They entice shoppers into your Independence Day program and help it stand out among a sea of products. However, this task may cost you time if you do it manually. So, let’s use an automation tool to save your efforts.

For example, you can automatically publish and switch sales banners on your website just by some steps with Atom8 automation.

TRIGGER: Trigger by time: At 12:00 AM on July 4th, 2023

ACTION: Publish banner ads: July 4th Sales

DELAY: 15 minutes

ACTION:  Publish banner ads: Shoes Discount

DELAY: 15 minutes

ACTION:  Publish banner ads: Shirt Discount

DELAY: 15 minutes

ACTION:  Publish banner ads: Backpack Discount

Black Friday banners

2. Send an early July 4th email

Start your marketing strategy by sending emails to your existing and potential customers. You can email weeks before sales to build anticipation or email early in the week.

Personalization is an effective way to help your emails stand out to capture attention among many emails. Make your email personalize as much as possible and introduce items they are interested in. You can take advantage of data about demographics, location, total spending, and so on to segment your customer into groups and send them personalized emails.

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Let’s look at how Atom8 helps you:

Now you want to send an email and offer a discount for customers based on their spending. For example, you offer a 20% discount for shoppers between $200 and $500, a 30% discount for people between $500 and $1000, and 50% for those who spend more than $1000. Atom8 will automatically group customers of different spending levels and send emails via an integrated email automation platform (Mailchimp or Klaviyo). 

If you want to generate this data into a Google Sheet for further usage, you need to add an action: “add a row to spreadsheets.”

3. Prepare a special 4th of July discount program

A discount program is an essential thing for July 4th. There are many ways to give customers a good deal without impacting profit margins as vouchers and gift cards, discounts, or free shipping. Also, products could be bundled together so that shoppers buy accessories and related products to make savings. 

However, there will be so many things your team needs to do. Thus, try to minimize executing repetitive tasks manually. You can use an automation tool to help you carry out the program productively. Atom8 app allows online merchants to streamline business operations by automating various workflows. Merchants can schedule multiple events simultaneously at any time. On shopping sales holidays, you can use Atom8 to schedule discount offers based on the type of products and publish special themes, product categories, and content for the holiday promotion. 

Schedule discount offers for July 4th:

TRIGGER: Trigger by time: At 12:00 AM on July 4th, 2023

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CONDITION: If any of the product categories match the following: Name is equal to July 4th Sales

ACTION: Change product sale price: Discount 30%

ACTION: Make the product visible on the storefront

DELAY: 24 hours

ACTION: Remove the product from a category: July 4th Sales

ACTION: Make the product invisible from the storefront

Black Friday discount program

With Atom8, your July 4th discount program will be implemented smoothly and effectively.

4. Optimize mobile site

Optimizing mobile websites is essential to every eCommerce business. A survey by Yotpo in 2020 showed that 72% of online consumers are using mobile devices to shop.

Consumers expect a good experience on the mobile site. They need to find what they want quickly, inducing key product information and details on delivery and return. More importantly, they want to checkout and complete purchases quickly without interruption. Therefore, provide your shoppers with a responsive, optimized interface and process.

5. Avoid shopping cart abandonment with automation

On the 4th of July, there are a variety of attractive offers for items. Thus, shoppers often fill their carts fully with a lot of items to find a better deal. But they only place an order for some of them, and the others are abandoned.

However, you can win back shoppers with a shopping cart reminder email. You can integrate your store with email automation apps such as Mailchimp and Klaviyo. One or two hours after the shopper leaves your website, send her a reminder email to continue the transaction. Emails may be made more persuasive by reminding them of promos and with time-limited sales.

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Here is the workflow automation:

TRIGGER: When an order is fulfilled

CONDITION: If the payment status is equal to: Pending

DELAY: 1 hour

ACTION: Send email to the customer via MailChimp

Moreover, Atom8 also has other helpful automation features to help make your July 4th sales more successful:


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