3 unexpected ways to control BigCommerce store’s campaign activities with workflow automation

campaign activities automation workflow

When it comes to carrying out a particular campaign for an either online or physical store, there will be a large load of work to take care of. As a solution for online business, BigCommerce store in specific, workflow automation helps enterprises to save an amazing amount of money and time. Here are 3 genius types of automation workflow from Atom8 that you definitely should use to control your store’s campaign activities.

Schedule banner ads publication

Banner ads are an important part of marketing for any store both online and offline. However, they are not fixed all the time and are changed regularly depending on the products and campaigns of the store. To effectively control the banner ads publication, this workflow seems to be an ideal option with a few clicks away:

  1. Set time trigger
workflow automation campaign activities
  1. Choose “Content” as Data filter
  2. Select the banner available in your BigCommerce store to publish
workflow automation campaign activities
  1. Set “Delay” time – in which your banner will be displayed
  2. Unpublish banner being displayed on the storefront
  3. Click “Next” to move to the workflow settings then “Save” everything to get your workflow ready.

Schedule a promotion campaign

Using the same trigger, the workflow used to schedule a promotion campaign also starts with defining time to run. Then, make sure the Data filter is “Product” before setting conditions for the action. You can run a promotion on a certain product category, product type or inventory level. It depends on the purpose of your campaign.

workflow automation campaign activities

In the next step, you will have 4 options to change the price. It could be reduced by % or a certain amount of $. You can also fix a sale price number or remove it after a period of “Delay” time.

workflow automation campaign activities

Finally, determine the workflow status, name, description and activation duration in the settings before saving all the actions. Read more: Bigcommerce upsell

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Notify of inventory level

It is possible that some of the products surprisingly sell like hotcakes. So that you may need to remove its banner before the predetermined date or stop any other marketing activities. In this case, a useful feature that you can take advantage of Atom8 is “notify of inventory level”. 

CTA atom8 1

As soon as your inventory reaches a certain number, emails will be automatically sent to the marketing team to stop promoting that product. Thus, it helps to save marketing costs for your business. Moreover, your staff can re-order with vendors on time, ensuring a smooth operation. This feature of Atom8 can also integrate with BackOrder to gain better outcomes. When the inventory falls to 0, the app will automatically switch the buying button to “Back Order” status. So that customers can still purchase the products and it remains a continuous revenue stream.

You can set the workflow based on the inventory level or “low stock” conditions as below:

workflow automation campaign activities

Hopefully, our suggestions to control campaign activities with automation workflow above may benefit your business in a significant way. If you need any additional information, please feel free to contact us.

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