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Integration with API key can open up full potentials of your email marketing platform: real-time customer segmentation & direct email engagement
This workflow helps you group customers into multiple levels of spending, i.e. high, medium, low, etc. for loyalty programs & future promotions.
Automatically add/ remove customers on integrated email marketing platforms
Imagine your store has a newly created customer, you will want to immediately generate that customer information to your Google Sheet spreadsheet and send notification…
Automatically add top-selling products to a specific category.
Automatically schedule publishing products to BigCommerce stores on a pre-scheduled basis.
Stay top-of-mind with new customers after a purchase: Loop them into an email sequel for future engagement & potential upselling
Segment customers immediately after they've created an account based on custom signup fields and engage with each groups automatically.
Automatically schedule publishing blog posts to BigCommerce stores on a pre-scheduled basis.
Automatically change products' price, category, and send notification emails to stakeholders when products are launched.