Apply membership prices to specific customer groups

Automatically publish price list to a group of customers after they purchase a membership product.


Imagine you want to increase sales of a specific product by applying this promotion: If any customer purchases this product, he will be a membership customer and special price list for other products in the same category will be made visible when he navigates the store on some special sale occasions. This promotion requires 2 workflows to automatically run on Atom8.


Shapes used this journey

Order placed

A basic trigger in Atom8. In other words, it means the workflow will start running whenever an order is placed on your eCommerce store.

Trigger by time

A time trigger can be one-time, daily, weekly, or monthly. After choosing a trigger, you can select a scope to narrow down actions.

Product category include any of the following [criteria]

A condition to filter products you want to edit. The criteria can be any information about a product. For example, price, view, availability, category, etc.

Any of order product names includes [criteria]

You can use this condition to filter orders with specific products. Furthermore, make sure you have a consistent product naming system to utilize filters.

Publish price list

BigCommerce’s price list feature is especially valuable for wholesale eCommerce and loyalty programs. This action is available in Atom8’s enterprise plan.

Assign customer to a group

You can choose to automatically assign customers to a pre-created group. Furthermore, a condition to filter out people who are already in this group will be more efficient.