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🚀 Create workflows to automate your merchant activities

🚀 Save up to 2-3 hours of manual work with each automation

🚀 Automate your BigCommerce apps with integrations

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Free yourself from busy & repetitive tasks

Orders Categorization

🚀 Product merchandising with conditional workflows

🚀 Auto-categorize products based on sales volume

🚀 Send expedited notifications on orders with high volume

🚀 Auto-update orders on CRM/ERP with HTTP requests

🚀 Send shipping notifications to the logistic team

Customer Management

🚀 Segment customers into groups based on purchase amount

🚀 Segment customers based on lifetime value

🚀 Segment customers based on domain name

🚀 Tag customers on Klaviyo, MailChimp, and other CMS

Sales Automation

🚀 Automate time-sensitive sales campaigns

🚀 Apply discounts based on product attributes

🚀 Daily workflow to switch theme and pricing

🚀 Auto-tag and send targeted emails to high-value buyers

Data Management

🚀 Generate product info to spreadsheet in real-time

🚀 Add order notes to spreadsheet (discount, gift wrap…)

🚀 Group low-stock products and alert on IMS

🚀 Connect to IMS via API to perform actions on BigCommerce

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Marketing Automation

🚀 Auto-publish blogs and themes on a schedule

🚀 Auto-apply product discount for sales campaigns and auto-switch the price back to normal

🚀 Auto-switch banner ads during a sales campaign

🚀 Connect to Klaviyo, MailChimp, and other CMS via API

Customize Any Actions with HTTP Requests

🚀 Communicate cross-systems with API access

🚀 Scalable automation for enterprises with HTTP support

🚀 Expedite third-party app actions with HTTP requests

🚀 Built-in integrations with Slack, Trello, Google Sheets, BackOrder, and more


What our customers say

German Foods: Personalized Care with Atom8​

​​​​​​Atom8 is a game-changing tool for small-to-medium-size BigCommerce stores like German Foods. Atom8 enables automated customer care emails, providing exceptional service and enhancing brand trust

We are the 2-time winner at the 2020 BigCommerce Flagship Partner Summit

Best User Experience: Awarded to technology partners whose integration delivers a best-in-class user experience based on simplicity of app install and configuration process, ease of use and beautiful design throughout.

Innovative Integration Award: Awarded to technology partners that have built a new integration or feature that solves a critical need for BigCommerce merchants

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