How Magento B2B eCommerce digital portal can help you serve bigger audience efficiently

b2b ecommerce digital portal bigger audience

Going along with the seamless development of B2B eCommerce business, the business runners need to develop their infrastructure to serve a larger number of customers; to improve their technical solutions and eCommerce websites to serve a larger number of customers. With the Magento merchants, they need to take advantage of the B2B eCommerce digital portal to serve bigger audience; and meet the demand of each customer. Our article today will point out how a digital portal can help your Magento business.

Satisfy Bigger Audience With Magento B2B eCommerce Digital Portal

Logical Account Management

The B2B business runners need to deal with a team or a department customer rather than the separate ones; therefore, the customer accounts are more complicated. Magento provides a company account for the customers and all the company PICs can login and conduct the transactions as an admin. With these functions, the members in the procurement team can keep track of and take part in the buying procedure by sub-accounts and flexible permission from their managers. The B2B sellers can understand customers thoroughly through their management to have appropriate strategies to deal with each B2B customer. 

High-secured Account Permission

With various B2B customer accounts, the eCommerce business uses “Catalog permission” to protect private content for each customer. Only the one who has permission to access is able to access the category; including products, pricing plan, purchase policy and so on. The businesses only need to go to the Store, choose Setting; and then click to Configuration on the Admin column to adjust the Category Permission for each customer account. 

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Quote Request And Negotiation

B2B transactions include valuable and big orders that both the customers and sellers need to go through some steps to reach the final agreement of price. Magento allows you to hide your public prices, set up quotes requests and price negotiation. When going to the negotiation, the buyers and sellers can be more connected and understand each other’s demands to get better deals. The price here is flexible and depends on customer budget, product quantity and contract duration.

The process of price negotiation starts when the customers find the product interested and make a quote request for the sellers. Then, the sellers will consider the quote and make a response. If the customers are satisfied with the reply, they will convert the quote to cart.

Personalized Experience

Thanks to B2B accounts, Magento provides customers better personalized experience when shopping online. The sellers will rely on data from account management to personalize marketing strategies, customer services approaches and membership programs. Moreover, the personalized search engine and pre-set filters can shorten the searching time; and allow the customers to find the product and make a purchase more quickly.

Omnichannel Experience

b2b ecommerce digital portal bigger audience

It would be a mistake if we don’t mention omnichannel when talking about Magento. Omnichannel can connect the suppliers, sellers and buyers closely with accessible databases and centralized management. With omnichannel, all the transactions are recorded and stored. Then the sellers and buyers can simultaneously keep track of and make immediate adjustments to avoid potential problems.


If you want to serve a bigger audience efficiently, the Magento B2B eCommerce digital portal should be never missed. We hope you take advantage of this appropriately and get a huge amount of benefit.

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