How to master B2B eCommerce personalization on Magento

b2b ecommerce personalization

If you’re a successful eCommerce brand, you probably know that nothing does better than eCommerce personalization in helping customers feel special and then loyal to your brand. As online consumers become more and more demanding with choosing the best products, this makes this market more competitive than ever. Everywhere, we can see online stores selling similar quality products, and prices are also not much different. So how will customers decide? The answer, at this point, will depend on their personal experience at each website they visit. As a matter of fact, this article will show you how to master B2B eCommerce personalization on Magento.

Target & profile

With the help of technology, you can find out the exact list of potential customers by tracking traffic, registrations, ad views, etc. From there, you should track and find clues about your customers’ preferences, shopping habits, search history, and answer their questions to reach them deeper.

Understand audience

This is the essence of the process of creating a personalized experience. It will determine the performance of the program that you will later launch. However, to be able to meet the needs of understanding the entire customers’ buying process from A to Z, as we mentioned, you will need the right combination of technology.

Optimize searching

Searching for customer information indiscriminately will make you drown in a huge pool of information without knowing what to do with it. Instead, focus on keywords that users are interested in to suggest items related to the product they are looking for. In this way, it will increase the likelihood of targeting consumer psychology.

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1:1 personalize

To complete the eCommerce personalization process, you need to have enough information. In addition, aggregate and analyze data rapidly, deploy cross-channel, and optimize machine learning; so that your customers will feel that your brand is the ultimate destination. Which gives them exactly what they need and where they can trust in the long run.

Factors to consider when choosing a personalized eCommerce platform

Nowadays, you can make eCommerce personalization more convenient with the support of eCommerce platforms, as long as they offer the following features:

  • Ability to act upon anonymous users: It is especially helpful to be able to support and provide a welcoming experience for first-time visitors to your website.
  • Omni-channel support: Customers today can access online shopping on many different channels; and they will be happy if the stores support display and serve them wherever they go.
  • Holistic data-driven approach: A tool that allows you to access comprehensive data about your customers will help the technology you use not to miss the necessary information.
  • Layout personalization: When customers visit your website, a personalized layout will push them deeper into the following pages or categories.
  • Optimization agility: This process should be completed as quickly as possible; so that you can build a solid customer base for your store soon.
  • Micro-targeting: The more granular your eCommerce platform targets, the easier it is to shape the specific experiences customers want when making a purchase.
  • Flexibility at scale: Every business aims for scalability, right? It will be frustrating if your business is going well, but the eCommerce platform doesn’t offer extended functionality.
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Above are some ways to master B2B eCommerce personalization on Magento. If you have any questions, contact us and we will help you to find out.  If you are a beginner and looking for a tool that involves some of these elements at the same time; then check out Grit Global. A Magento b2b website that offers you multiple channels, flexibility in creating customizing catalogs, prices; as well as Comprehensive Inventory Management Features. You will not have to worry and do tasks on your own with this genius invention. Let this be a part of your journey ahead. 

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