7 amazing BigCommerce add-ons to try right now

bigcommerce add-ons

To optimize the productivity and customer satisfaction, the BigCommerce sellers usually choose to take advantage of applications with awesome features and simple manipulation. BigCommerce app marketplace provides a huge amount of selections so you may be overwhelmed. Therefore, we are here today to introduce the 7 most amazing eCommerce add-ons that you should try right now.

7 Awesome BigCommerce Apps For Your Store

Product Recommendation

product recommendation

Product recommendation app from GritGlobal is a helpful BigCommerce add-on that supports the businesses in up-sell and cross-sell strategies. With this application, the businesses can set the rules related to the product suggestions. Those are pages displayed, cart items, product values and time activation. Moreover, it can personalize the product recommendation, messages with tailor-made headlines and descriptions. Also, the Product Recommendation app from GritGlobal can export the performance report after upsell/cross-sell campaigns. It helps the sellers evaluate the effectiveness of their rules and improve their strategies if necessary.


In the modern eCommerce world, a lot of businesses have started to automate their business tasks to stay productive. Atom8 is an awesome application that can help the business runners with various business tasks. It can take part in the order categorization process. Which includes exporting order information into Spreadsheet, adding shipping notifications and adding notes on special orders. Moreover, Atom8 also helps businesses in customer management such as customer segmentation and sending personalized email marketing.  Besides, you can use it for sending real-time notifications, data management and web content management.


Out-of-stock is not a strange issue for eCommerce businesses. Backorder is one of the most effective approaches to solve these problems. And the BackOrder app from GritGlobal may be the best choice for BigCommerce merchants. All you need to do with this app is install and set all the products as backorder. Whenever they are out-of-stock, the customers can place them as normal and receive the shipment at a later date with real-time email tracking notification.

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Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth is a loyalty solution for BigCommerce businesses to create and maintain customer relationships. This app can evaluate the customers’ loyalty and then group them into suitable segments. Which is based on how many points they have got for their finished orders. Then, you can set the point rules and app themes to attract more customers and motivate them to shop in your store with this app.


Optimizely is a powerful solution when you need to conduct testing such as A/B testing. This application can help you find out the most suitable options for your stores as it allows you to create and track your goals; test your BigCommerce stores on different browser platforms and export the final report for performance evaluation. Read more: Bigcommerce upsell


AfterShip comes with the features that all the customers need: shipment tracking. This app can help customers follow their shipment delivery via automatically-generated tracking URL via only one click. Moreover, AfterShip also notified the sellers of some abnormal points of shipping procedure and potential problems that need to be solved immediately.


If you are selling on various eCommerce channels and even offline, Sellbrite can help you to control, manage and monitor your products across sites. So that it can keep your product centralized and automatically update product status on the general dashboard to help you keep track of the inventory better. Also, Sellbrite can give you an overview of selling performance by selling reports.


Your BigCommerce store may become extremely powerful if it can add those awesome add-ons. Therefore, you can invest some of them to empower your store’s operation and boost the revenues as well.

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