4 BigCommerce security challenges you won’t meet again

bigcommerce security

Security challenges are not a strange issue of BigCommerce businesses nowadays. Those problems can cause detrimental impacts for any enterprise from finances, information systems to customer management. Therefore, our article today will list out 4 most popular security problems that a lot of BigCommerce stores have met.

4 Prevalent BigCommerce Security Issues

Unreliable Privacy And Security

The first challenge that a lot of eCommerce businesses encounter is unreliable privacy and weak security. Which causes the risks of counterfeit sites. The hackers can build the same websites as yours to lie to the customers. When your customers shop in that store, their information can be leaked; their computers can be hacked or they can be taken into your competitors’ stores. Therefore, it can negatively affect your store’s reputation. 

Moreover, if the hackers can attack your websites, they may steal a lot of crucial information. Those can be your customer data, company’s secrets and selling data. Seriously, if there is a leak of credit card information of customers, others can steal the money from their bank accounts.

Bugs And Virus

If your security protection is weak, the virus is likely to attack your computers and software. The hackers can put worms, viruses, malicious programs into your computer to slow down the processes, and steal information. Therefore, your business may lose money, customers, partners, and reputation. Moreover, if the viruses go to customers’ software, they can affect negatively. The repercussions can be deleting all the files, hijacking the systems, blocking data access or stealing customers’ private data.

Complicated B2B Transactions

It is undeniable that the B2B transactions need to stick to more requirements than the B2C ones; therefore, the B2B transactions are more complicated and difficult. If the customers face challenges, they will find support and they can get into the traps of the hackers or faults easily. The businesses should shorten the ordering process; reduce the complexity; get rid of unnecessary requirements to help the customers finish the B2B transaction smoothly. All the instructions need to be displayed and delivered transparently and coherently. Moreover, the businesses need to display the customer support contact on the page for customers to ask for help when they need it. Read more: Bigcommerce upsell

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Poor Customer Data Management

Customer data management is also an essential task for an eCommerce business. The poor customer data management is the tasty prey of the hackers and your competitors; as other people can easily steal, delete and modify the data. Moreover, the underestimated data management also prevents the businesses from finding customers insights, evaluating selling performance, and planning for upcoming strategies. Therefore, businesses should invest in powerful data management systems to strengthen their data protection and prevent potential risks.


With our listing of prevailing security challenges above, we hope that you can pay more attention to your security protection and avoid making mistakes. Moreover, you should invest more in data management to reduce potential risks that we have mentioned as well.


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