Is there a transaction fee for BigCommerce?

bigcommerce transaction fees

The BigCommerce eCommerce merchants and the customers are usually concerned about the cost whenever they first access the new eCommerce platforms to conduct the transactions. While the customers may feel uncertain about whether they need to pay any additional fee besides the product prices, the merchants can worry about some hidden costs during their operation. Our article today will give you some information about the transaction fees for BigCommece as well as the overview of BigCommerce gateways.

Do We Need To Pay Transaction Fee On BigCommerce

BigCommerce Payment Gateways

Is there a transaction fee for BigCommerce?

BigCommerce provides users various payment gateways to support their checkout, refund and so on. For different payment methods and purposes, you can try capture, refunds, 3D secure, multi-currency and other gates. The shoppers can use credit cards, online banking, direct debit cards, e-wallets or mobile payments; to finish the payment for their orders. Moreover, BigCommerce also allows the buyers to pay for the orders via third-party gateways; such as Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Venmo and so on. This approach can enhance mobile experience, speed up the checkout process, boost conversion rate and minimize cart abandonment.

BigCommerce Transaction Fees

While other eCommerce platforms require a certain percentage of transaction fee for every complete transaction, BigCommerce offers the shoppers 0 dollar for any transactions. However, if the customers use credit cards, you must pay the transaction fee for the card issuers. The amount of fee is variable, we will give you more information in the next section.

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Credit Card Transaction Fee

Is there a transaction fee for BigCommerce?

The transaction fee that the BigCommerce merchants pay is used for transferring the money from customers to the merchants’ bank accounts. The transaction fee is variable, the higher pricing plan you choose, the cheaper transaction fee is. Here is the detail of fee per transaction based on each BigCommerce plan:

  • Standard Plan: 2.9% + $0.30¢
  • Plus Plan: 2.5% + $0.30¢
  • Pro Plan: 2.2% + $0.30¢
  • Enterprise  Plan: 2.2% + $0.30¢ or lower
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The transaction fee when using credit cards on BigCommerce is considered higher than on other platforms. However, BigCommerce does not charge any commission fees, so you need to pay attention to the transaction fee only.

Ways To Avoid Transaction Fee

Is there a transaction fee for BigCommerce?

You may need to pay a higher amount of transaction fee than actual successful orders due to the return and unsuccessful orders. Therefore, the BigCommerce merchants need to find ways to cut down on transaction fees for uncompleted orders. For example, they can take advantage of Atom8 and utilize the capture and void payment features of this app to prevent sky-high transaction fees due to the returns. 


The high transaction fee that the BigCommerce merchants need to deal with may become the most significant obstacle for them to operate their online stores on this platform. Therefore, they need to pay special attention to preventing high transaction fees caused by unsuccessful orders. We have recommended you to use Atom8, which is considered the easiest, fastest and most convenient way to alleviate this cost burden.


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