Leverage data and reports to drive cross-sell

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Data and reports have been and will be the solid fundamentals for businesses to plan, control and make decisions to monitor business activities and come up with suitable strategies. Like other strategies, your cross-sell campaigns also need to stick to data and sell reports to generate suitable approaches. Therefore, our article will instruct you on how to utilize data and reports to plan cross-sell strategies .

Utilize Data And Reports To Plan Cross-sell Strategies

Group Your Customers

Before planning your cross sell strategies, you need to identify who are the target audiences. There are various customer types in your stores, so you need to classify them to come up with personalized approaches. The customer’s data, including their ages, genders, jobs, average spendings, behaviors on stores and previous purchases, will be the valuable source for you to group customers into suitable segments. To get this information, you need to take advantage of tracking tools, performance reports and selling reports to summarize data and export to Spreadsheet, then use analytic tools to draw transparent portraits of customers.

Select Products For Cross-sell

The second thing you need to do is choose a product for cross-selling. The customer data that you withdraw from the first step will be the trustworthy clues for you to decide the suitable products for each customer. For example, a customer who is a teenager usually buys hair care products in your stores, the next the products that should be included in your cross-sell strategies are shampoo, conditioners, combs, hair mist or hair serum. 

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However, this approach is just a predictive model so you may encounter some human mistakes that may worsen your cross-sell effectiveness. Therefore, you should utilize some product recommendation applications to generate more accurate suggestions that stick to customer data. If you use the BigCommerce platform, you can use the Product Recommendation App from GritGlobal. Which is considered as an awesome and effective solution for cross-selling.

cta bigcommerce recommendation

Conduct Market Analysis

Besides directly researching customers behaviors to comprehend customer insights, you may need to pay attention to market analysis as well. Market analysis can give you an overall picture of current markets, the product demands, buying trends, hot products… It will help you evaluate the current situation and plan for future selling. This approach can strengthen your “On Trending” cross-selling strategies; as it helps you know which products are on-trending and then you can suggest them to the customers.


Clustering is an action which uses machine learning to mine and process customers to identify customer segments. It also brings the businesses the prediction of customers behaviors, to test the reaction of customers when they reach the cross-sell recommendation. Clustering will reinforce the accuracy and effectiveness of product suggestions before launching out to customers. They also help the sellers select the most suitable approach to cross-sell.


Cross-selling based on customers data and reports is considered as one of the most accurate approaches to cross-sell. We hope you can conduct cross-selling in your eCommerce effortlessly and powerfully with our data-based methods.


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