Top 7 Essential Web Application Integration For Any Online Business

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The rapid development of technology in the modern world has brought a lot of innovations for our business activities. It will be a mistake if we do not mention web application integration for online businesses, the powerful assistant for your online task. However, you may be concerned about the main features of web app integration and how it works in real contexts.

Therefore, our article today will introduce to you 7 primary web app integration with detailed descriptions and recommendations for each category. 

7 Must-Have Web App Integration For Your Online Business

Point-Of-Sale Application

Point-Of-Sale applications are known as the bridges between your brick-and-mortar and online stores. This kind of web app integration application will help you store, manage and take advantage of sales, customers, and inventory data. Another function is to accumulate, interpret, and analyze the data to identify your business performance, customer behaviors, and upcoming trends, fundamental for advancement and improvement. 

Inventory Application

Inventory is the backbone of your eCommerce business. An ineffective inventory will lead to considerable loss and cause customer dissatisfaction. To reduce these unexpected situations, you may need to take advantage of inventory applications. It will help you manage your products even if they come from various sources. Inventory web app integration makes sure orders will be fulfilled, avoids over-purchasing, and predicts trends.

There is some outstanding inventory application that allows customers to buy unavailable items. One of them is Backorders. This kind of application is the best solution to rescue out-of-stock revenues and prevent customers from accessing our competitors to strengthen customer relationships.

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Accounting Application

Accounting application integration will help you do financial tasks like creating invoices, computing loss and profits, calculating sales revenue, etc. These activities really need to be handled automatically rather than manually with a lot of human errors. Accounting applications can bring accurate results and data that can be a trustworthy source for you to decide your business ways.

Marketing Automation Application

Utilizing marketing automation applications is a way to engage more customers. Marketing automation applications include email automation, web content applications, and so on. Their main functions are tracking visitors’ behaviors, time spent and what they buy. Then, they group customers into each segmentation with suitable marketing strategies. 

Email automation applications will help you send emails automatically to your target customers. A must-have application that combines both email automation and web content application is Atom8. It not only can automatically publish, hide and edit your content based on your plan but also automatically send emails to grouped customers with selected information.

Analytics Application

Analytics web app integration plays a strategic role in your online business. It can help you follow up and record your website and online business performance with essential indexes. This kind of application also helps you take advantage of data visualization and data storytelling, which would be crucial to understand your business and make further decisions.

Automatic Workflow Application

If you want to increase productivity, automatic workflow web app integration will be a supportive companion. These applications will help automate your tasks, workflows based on your templates or pre-built templates. For example, below is a sample workflow of “Generate Order Info to a Spreadsheet after Order Placed” operated by Atom8.

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order placed atom8 automation workflow

If you are on BigCommerce or Shopify, try it out!

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Delivery Application

Shipping is the final and direct step to make customers satisfied. Shipping web app integration will help you choose the most suitable logistics company in your network, connect with your logistics partners and customers. Also, it can auto-create shipping labels or packing slips, send real-time notifications about shipment status to your customers. With this application, you can keep track of your products on the way to your customers and thus realize possible delayed elements. Therefore, you can ensure your packages will “meet” their new owners as scheduled. 


We have brought 7 categories of web app integration for your online business. They will support you from A to Z, increase your productivity and profits and thus help you spend more time and effort on other activities.

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