5 rules to prepare your eCommerce store for the peak season traffic

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When the holidays roll around, e-commerce companies must prepare to not only survive the season but emerge with a profit and a slate of happy customers who will return throughout the year. Budgets, inventories, marketing campaigns, and staffing are just a few of the most important aspects that you need to adjust to accommodate these busy times of the year. And of course, the technology that powers your e-commerce site must be reviewed and ready to handle a heavy increase in traffic and guide customers seamlessly through the purchasing journey. In this topic, we will outline 5 rules to prepare your eCommerce store for the website traffic in peak season.

Provide A Seamless Shopping Experience

You must focus on delivering a seamless shopping experience to your customers. In addition to focusing on the business, the sales, the packaging, and the offers, e-commerce companies must make sure to cover their Web infrastructure capacity and performance projections. Live chat AI capabilities should be implemented to make sure you don’t lose customers. All this ensures a superior customer purchase experience and service.

Leverage Automation

Automation is the key to success for e-commerce. In the period leading up to the holidays, the number of orders in online stores increases exponentially, and call centers are overloaded. In this case, a robotic system is capable of independently supporting the smooth operation of the whole process. It allows you to process customer requests promptly and at a high level with minimal financial costs.

Refer to Atom8 for example, this is an automation app that helps to automate some websites tasks. You can compose sales emails and make instantly available templates. After you have reduced your teams from administrative tasks, you will have more time to focus on other important tasks.

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The special point is that it is very simple to get on well with due to a very friendly feature, including more than 100 templates that suit your personal interest and style. If you want to send emails, for instance, set the content, build customer personas then set the time to send them. All are easy as a piece of cake but things still will fall into their places.

Offer Inventory Alerts

Shipping issues and microchip shortages are keeping hot new gifts off retailers’ shelves. The likely result is a lot of upset gift-givers—which means retailers need to be smart this year about how they communicate delays and inventory with customers. Successful retailers will have to bring customers in, and a good way to do that is to alert people when the items they want most are available

Launch Personalized, Targeted Campaigns

Launching personalized and targeted marketing campaigns is a strategic move that can help e-commerce companies prepare for peak seasons and gain a higher competitive advantage. You can archive this by analyzing past customers’ data to understand their behaviors and purchasing history. Most importantly, this strategy can help you to launch promotional campaigns tailored toward the interests of each customer.

Streamline Your Checkout Process

Improve and streamline your checkout process. Ask yourself the following questions. Have you implemented a one-page checkout? Are you asking for the same information twice, three times or even more? Are there unnecessary distractions such as banners, headers or footers? Is your checkout process easy and seamless? And above all, does it give joy?

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Above are the 5 rules to prepare your eCommerce store for the website traffic in peak season, we hope that you have found yourself some useful tips during the season and this can actually help to boost your sale revenue


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