Is Your Ecommerce Store Ready For Thanksgiving?


Thanksgiving is coming and people around the country are busy preparing for their memorable Thanksgiving holiday. Therefore, the demand for Thanksgiving products is on the rise. As an eCommerce business, you may start warming up your stores to meet the needs of the customers. However, is your commerce store ready for Thanksgiving? 

If you have many concerns to answer our question, we will bring the optimal guide for you to definitely say “yes” to that question.

Tips For A Wonderful Ecommerce Thanksgiving

Plan Strategies For The Stocks

First, you need to think about the nature of Thanksgiving, looking back on previous eCommerce Thanksgiving selling data and your store’s handling ability. Then, you may have a picture of upcoming trends, what Thanksgiving’s signature products are, your target customers may favor which products, and your warehouse can contain how many of them. 

The favorite product lines in the Thanksgiving holiday are electronics, clothing, toys, and entertainment. Moreover, people usually spend the Thanksgiving holiday for families so it would be better if your store sells a lot of products, which can be used by many people together like bartender kits, role-play toys, etc. 

The previous selling data will be a reliable source for you to forecast the levels of demand and prepare stocks. There is nothing to say if you can forecast accurately how many products will be bought. If not, the backorder may be a good way to deal with out-of-stock status in case the product’s demand exceeds your plans. If you use Bigcommerce platforms, the BackOrder app can be a supportive tool to cope with this problem:

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Zero inventory will no longer be a big problem with BackOrder

Update And Decorate Your Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce website quality and appearance is the decisive element to improve the customers buying experience. To ensure your customers can shop online without any barriers, you may need to update your website version, enhance site traffic, debug and check for security. Moreover, some reliable research has shown nearly 70% of customers use their smartphones to shop online. Therefore, you should pay more attention to mobile web optimization to help the purchasers enjoy the shopping experience. 

Moreover, on special days like eCommerce Thanksgiving, it would be better to decor your website with related themes, backgrounds, and animations. This decoration will make the customers feel like shopping in a brick-and-mortar shop in reality. The attractive and impressive designs can grab customers’ attention, encourage them to buy something for the upcoming eCommerce Thanksgiving and spend more time on your eCommerce stores.

Directly Communicate With Customers

Ecommerce Thanksgiving is a special season when you can attract new customers. When new customers come to your online stores, they may get lost among various products and need someone to help. You may need a chatbot, which can be always in your stores, to solve the customers’ concerns, and support them with common problems. 

Moreover, product recommendation is also a good way to help customers cut down on searching time. You can base on their profile or just current trends to suggest some useful products to them. 

Moreover, welcomed emails or product introduction emails should be sent to suitable customers group to avoid customers’ complaints.

Establish Discounts And Promotions

A must-have program in every special sale season is discounts and promotions. You can use an automation application to apply discounts for selected products, then it will automatically turn back to the original prices after two days. 

Moreover, to boost sales and encourage customers to buy items, special gifts, or vouchers of related goods and services may delete the customers’ hesitation for buying products in this eCommerce Thanksgiving sale season.


Ecommerce Thanksgiving preparation is not as difficult as you have imagined. After reading our article, we believe that you can apply all our suggestions to business contexts and be ready for a successful Thanksgiving sale season in your eCommerce stores.


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