Leverage these major technology trends in eCommerce to surpass your competitors

major technology trend in ecommerce

If the first few months of 2021 have taught us anything, it’s that uncertain times call for quick pivots to sales and marketing plans. Businesses have had to evolve quickly. Trade shows, events, and in-person sales meetings have been canceled, throwing a wrench in many sales and marketing strategies. But even as we navigate a new normal, there is one place that is experiencing an incredible boom in traffic: eCommerce websites. Consumers are turning to online shopping to gather the essentials; as well as other items they can’t get from temporarily closed stores. As a matter of fact, this article will reveal to you some major technology trends in eCommerce. 

Magento emerges as the top global eCommerce platform.

The reliability and scalability of Magento have made it the most popular eCommerce platform in the world, powering over 250,000 businesses. Its customers are typically enterprise-level online stores with a high volume of products; and the budget to invest in certified third-party design, development, and programming services.

Magento’s main competitors include Shopify, Yo!Kart, BigCommerce, VTEX, WooCommerce, and Tictail, some of which better meet the needs of smaller eCommerce retailers.

Actionable content is driving business.

Relevant and helpful content helps drive business by attracting potential shoppers, guiding them to purchasing opportunities, and boosting conversions. In fact, there are several forms of content that can be effectively mixed and matched. They include interactive, lifestyle storytelling, stance-taking, and email.

Typically the most effective content involves storytelling and creating memorable experiences. It’s also crucial whenever possible to ensure that any offers, ads, and promotions are tailored and unique to each customer’s interests. Justin Ablett, global lead of Adobe at IBM iX, asserts that “[customers] have no tolerance for poor digital experiences anymore.” A general digital experience is a poor digital experience, emphasizing the importance of personalization. 

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Social media is a driving force behind mobile sales.

Platforms enabling eCommerce stores to sell directly through their social pages are increasingly driving sales. Thus, with a simple click on a product link within a social post, consumers immediately go to a product page where they can make a purchase. 

As a result of this shift, they expect social commerce sales to reach upwards of 80 billion USD in revenue by 2024. 

Cognitive supply chain management gains momentum.

eCommerce companies are increasingly seeking distribution and inventory management systems. Which are self-learning, predictive, adaptive, and intelligent – cognitive supply chains. Thus, they result in improved, personalized customer service and decreased inventory. These systems can also mitigate risk, improve insight and performance, and increase transparency.

Video continues capturing consumer attention.

Using product videos on eCommerce sites can increase sales and product understanding. 94% of video marketers agree that video helps buyers understand their brand’s offerings, with 78% of marketers saying that video directly increases sales

This is because customers have more confidence in products when they see a video about them. When done right, product videos can educate and encourage consumers to make a purchase. Another plus is that they’re highly shareable via social media.


Successful voice search strategies for eCommerce retailers include implementing a solid SEO strategy; building brand affinity with informational skills and actions; including product-feature and review videos, and staying focused on delivering a superior customer experience.

Your toughest competitors are inevitably planning to implement some of these major technology eCommerce trends to gain an advantage this year and beyond. So, if you have any question regarding this topic, contact us and we will help you to figure out. 

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