Simple eCommerce automation guide: features and fees

simple ecommerce automation fee

Ecommerce automation is an effective and valuable approach for eCommerce businesses to stay productive and save effort. However, not all businesses comprehend how to conduct eCommerce automation appropriately. Therefore, we are here today to give you the instructions to transform your business with eCommerce automation features and fees.

The Ultimate Guide Of Ecommerce Automation Features And Fees

Workflow Automation

To go deeper to business tasks, the business runners need to automate their workflows to eliminate human effort in business processes. The business runner can create and design their own workflow or use pre-built workflow templates from other sources. For example, Atom8 can provide users with various workflow templates that they can choose from; it also allows them to customize their own ones which stick to the way they operate their businesses. We would like to mention checkout workflow automation to help you feel easy to understand. Businesses can build the fixed workflow to run various checkout processes parallely at the same time that can save time for customers and optimize productivity.

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Customer Service Automation

It is undeniable that the customer service staff can not be online 24/7 to support customers’ problems. Therefore, to increase customers satisfaction and reduce cart abandonment, businesses need to automate their customer service tasks. For example, businesses can store some frequent questions with transparent answers and when the customers ask one of those questions, the systems can automatically respond to them without any waiting time. 

Moreover, when the customers want to return the products, the automation can notify the department in charge to solve the customers’ problems and conduct other tasks in accordance with the return policy.

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Selling Automation

To keep customers in touch and help them be notified of the selling process, the automatic email notification can bring them the most valuable information related to on-sale products, new deals and promotions. The real-time notification can be sent to help the customers update their order and delivery status which creates a tight connection between buyers and sellers.

Order Management Automation

The business runners also can automate the order process. When the system receives new orders, it can categorize orders and send order information to the logistics team immediately. Therefore, the delivery will be conducted faster and the customers just need to wait a very short time. Moreover, you can utilize automation to classify product catalogs and display personalized catalogs for each customer based on customer data and selling reports.

Inventory Automation

Inventory is also a complicated issue for eCommerce business, especially the large ones. It required real-time and immediate updates when any changes happened including new orders, more new products supplied, etc. The inventory management automation which integrates with ERP, warehouse management; and CRM will ensure that all the stock status is reliable and the business can avoid overselling and under-selling. Which can negatively affect your selling performance.


While eCommerce automation can bring your businesses a lot of benefit, the cost for the transformation is truly cheap. For example, you only need to equip an automation application for your stores and then all the business tasks can be done without human efforts.


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