10+ key workflow automation statistics BigCommerce store owners should be aware of

workflow automation statistics

Workflow automation is extremely popular in recent years. We have witnessed a lot of successes from adoption workflow automation to eCommerce business but we can not imagine how automation is changing our world. Therefore, we are here today to tell you 10+ key workflow automation statistics that can inspire BigCommerce business runners.

10+ Crucial Workflow Automation Statistics Can Inspire You

Time-saving And Productivity Optimizing

The first benefit which workflow automation brings us is time-saving and productivity optimization. 73% IT leaders agree that their staff can save up to 50% of the time for task conducting when utilizing automation. 57% of them also claim that the expenses for business tasks reduce from 10% to 50% of the original ones. 

It is expected that 51% of the automation innovations are established to boost work efficiency; and 42% of business runners say that workflow automation can shorten time to do repeated business tasks. More than 50% of the companies say that business process automation can reduce their manual mistakes during their operation. 

Crucially, 85% of business leaders agree that automated workflow can alleviate the heavy workload for their employees and they can concentrate on the more important tasks. Moreover, they believe that they can take advantage of workflow automation for up to 30% of their usual tasks.

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation is truly significant for the eCommerce industry and digital transformation; as nearly 100% of IT leaders agree that process automation is a critical factor that can lead to successful digital transformation. However, only 36% of companies have implemented business processes and that’s why you can become outstanding; when you can utilize workflow automation to business management. Also, 29% of the companies have a plan to manage their business by automation software in the future. 

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67% of business runners, who are currently using business process automation, agree that they can enhance the end-to-end visibility among various software. Other than that, low-code workflow is also a new trend of eCommerce business runners; as nearly 25% of companies are running low-code workflow and nearly 30% of companies intend to use it.

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Sales Automation

Workflow automation is predominantly supporting the sales and marketing departments of a lot of eCommerce businesses; as 75% of companies are taking advantage of marketing automation software. They also agree that automated landing pages can attract visitors more effectively. It would be a mistake if we don’t mention automated email marketing. The marketers usually use a welcome sequence and the lead nurturing emails are the most and second-most popular campaigns in eCommerce. 

Besides, 83% of marketing teams use workflow automation to automate their social media posting; 58% of them automate their ads on popular social network platforms. Moreover, sales processes also are automated as 39% of stores utilize workflow automation in this stage. However, they have ignored one of the most powerful advantages of automation, order fulfillment automation; as only 2% of stores can run this process without human intervention. 

Sales and marketing segments are also executed automatically with AI technology and 14% of companies have run this. Importantly, more than 50% of business runners totally agree that workflow automation helps them increase conversion rate.


Based on those realistic workflow automation statistics, we can not deny the significant advantages of workflow automation to business operation and development. As a BigCommerce store owner, we hope you can start to automate your work to level up your productivity and achieve future successes.

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