B2B2C and B2C2B: Are You Understanding Them Correctly?

TL;DR: B2B2C companies (Alphabet, Atom8, BackOrder…) aim to maximize their customer outreach through a middleman distribution company. B2C2B companies (Slack, Notion, Salesforce…) aim to sell products to another business by targeting a middleman user (employees, users…). Each model brings unique benefits to the middleman actor and to your business interests. Two of the most popular […]

The Differences Between Backlog vs. Backorder

Backlog vs BackOrder

TL;DR: Backlog represents your entire unfulfilled order history, including all unsatisfied customer orders. Backorders are customers’ orders of out-of-stock item. There can be backorders in your backlog, but stores can choose not to allow backorders on their website. An accurate backlog will help with inventory management. Backorder is a viable sales tactic to rescue lost […]

August product update – The next generation automation

After a period of continuous research, feedback collection, and development, the GritGlobal team is thrilled to roll out a massive product update to our Atom8 app. We are still working hard every day to bring you better solutions. Let’s go through the changes you will see in this update without further ado. A robust core […]

What are the skills that an eCommerce operations coordinator needs?

ecommerce operations coordinator

A successful eCommerce business really needs the support of skillful eCommerce operations coordinators. A perfect eCommerce operations coordinator will need to possess some certain skills to do the business tasks and manage the operation smoothly and effortlessly. Therefore, our article today will list out some essential skills to be an awesome eCommerce operation coordinator.  Essential […]

Top 10 Magento 2 themes for B2B businesses

top magento 2 b2b theme

When you start creating a Magento 2 website for your B2B eCommerce business, you need to install a Magento 2 B2B theme to publish your pages on the web.  Selecting Magento themes can be overwhelming because it plays as the face of any company. However, thanks to built-in options, buying a Magento theme is not […]

Impressive BFCM 2021 data you didn’t know yet

bfcm data

The biggest sales weekend of the year came and went, and what we learned is that Cyber Weekend 2021 shopping numbers proved to be different from any year that came before. Take a deep dive with us in our *NEW* 2021 Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM) Weekend data report! ​​We monitored performance across millions of Nosto-powered […]

How personalized product recommendations increase AOV for your BigCommerce store

personalized product recommendations

Successfully deploying personalized product recommendations involves the collection of user data on a site-wide scale. To make the most of that data collection and successfully increase AOV, recommendations must be displayed where customers are most likely to engage with them. This article will show how personalized product recommendations can increase AOV for your BigCommerce store. […]

Best BigCommerce upsell strategies

bigcommerce upsell

Some of the most successful ecommerce brands in the world upsell their customers. Back in 2006, Amazon said that 35 percent of its earnings were the result of cross-selling and upselling, a strategy that has surely added even more to the bottom line since then. Despite its proven success, many online retailers do not bother […]

How much can you make from eCommerce?

how much can you make from ecommerce

With the shift from a brick-and-mortar store to an online platform, besides being a compulsory choice for businesses to survive under the impact of Covid-19, eCommerce is more than an option. With smartphones and easy access to e-commerce stores, shoppers now lean more towards eCommerce for their shopping needs. You name it, from groceries to […]

Why you should use B2B bulk order

b2b bulk order

B2B bulk order is known as an approach that enhances your revenues and customers’ shopping experience. However, is it perfect to apply this method to your business? Are there any drawbacks or difficulties you may face during your operation? We have researched and collected useful information to alleviate your concerns. Our article today will help […]

Top 5 product recommendation apps for BigCommerce stores

bigcommerce product recommendation app

Product recommendation is one of the essential approaches to boost your revenues and improve the customers’ shopping experience. This method does not only help the customers find their favorite products quickly but also increases your total revenues. However, it is quite challenging to recommend the best-matched without supportive tools.  Therefore, our article today will suggest […]

Top 10 eCommerce product recommendation insights

Top 10 eCommerce product recommendation insights

eCommerce product recommendation is a prevailing approach to upsell and cross-sell that bring promising revenues and enhance the customer shopping experience. However, careless product recommendations may disturb customers, increase customer churn rate and cart abandonment. Therefore, how to launch product recommendations effectively? Our article today will try to answer this question with the top 10 […]

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