A Quick Guide To B2B Ecommerce


Nowadays, B2B eCommerce has become really prevalent and more exploded in this pandemic context. Moreover, this form of e-commerce business has gained a huge amount of revenue, had a lot of customers and become a new playground for sellers. 

If you have an idea of establishing a B2B eCommerce business, this blog is truly for you. 

Getting Started To B2B Ecommerce

B2B Ecommerce Definition

B2B stands for Business to Business. B2B eCommerce describes the activities when businesses sell goods and services to other businesses online. B2B eCommerce remarks the selling relationship among enterprises with the more valuable transactions, lucrative market and thus it required more complicated work procedures and tight management. 

B2B Ecommerce Models

There are three kinds of B2B eCommerce models. Firstly, it’s called Wholesale B2B when the companies sell to other businesses in bulk with wholesaling prices and allow other businesses to retail and make profits. Secondly, B2B2C allows a manufacturer to be in partnership with a B2C to sell products on its eCommerce stores. Finally, there is a really new model, which is called B2C2B.

B2B Ecommerce Benefits

Simplify Ordering Process

The customers may no longer spend a lot of time scrolling down various product pages to find items as the detailed catalogue allows them to catch their products at a glance. This approach will open chances for customers to reach more product lines and feel easier to compare among various options. Purchasers can keep track of the order process, add information, make adjustments and keep in touch with suppliers via some software.

Improve The Control Of Supply Chains

As the connection between buyers and sellers becomes tighter, with the support of software, the B2B suppliers can control the supply chains better. They can follow the inventory status to make plans for restocking. The sellers will be notified about customers’ expectations and behaviours; then, they will try to improve the products and services. 

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B2B Ecommerce Tips

Enhance Buying Experience

To meet the specific demands of customers, you may need to equip an application that can track customers’ behaviours and group them into suitable segmentation. Then, you can generate personalized content for each group to enhance the customer experience. Moreover, collecting and showing customers’ feedback is also a way to increase customers’ trust and motivation as they tend to believe in former buyers’ opinions before making decisions to buy your products. Also, updating your website performance such as shortening loading times, debugging, improving web security also contributes to your customers’ experience.

Optimize Your Customer Catalog

A convenient and smart customer catalogue plays a decisive role in B2B eCommerce development. The fulfilled information must be displayed on the catalog that the customers will have a complete look at product characteristics, product rate, inventory status, etc. Moreover, the product recommendation needs to stick to each segmentation and buying history. Also, you need to enhance your catalogue’s search engine to help customers find their expected items as soon as possible. 

Improve Inventory Management

B2B eCommerce usually deals with bulk orders so that the inventory status must be updated frequently via software for the sellers to make immediate replenishment. However, the out-stock-of status during peak season seems inevitable, that’s why the B2B sellers need another solution. If you use the Bigcommerce platform, BackOrder will be your best right option as it can allow your customers to buy items although they are unavailable. The purchasing is automatically in the form of backorders and to do that, you only need to pre-set all the products as BackOrder before. Don’t forget to discover BackOrder:

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BackOrder CTA

The app allows your customers to purchase even with 0 inventory


Are you ready to start your B2B eCommerce business right now? We hope that you can start your business from today and gain certain achievements with our guides above!


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