eCommerce automation strategy and roadmap for faster implementation

automation strategy and roadmap

Most business runners want to leverage productivity and business management. That is why eCommerce automation is becoming widespread in today’s eCommerce world. If you haven’t utilized automation, you may find it difficult to get started. Therefore, our article today will give you the ultimate guide on eCommerce automation strategy and roadmap for faster implementation.

Automation Strategy And Roadmap For Your Ecommerce Store

Define Your Automation Purposes

The structure and design of your automation process heavily depend on your goals and purposes. The automation used for boosting productivity may be different from one which is used for enhancing customer experience; so you need to define the purpose of each process at the beginning of the implementation. The failure in defining automation purposes may cause mistakes in developing the automation workflows and cause revenues loss. Making your goals clear will help you have the most accurate strategies and plans for the automation; and then you can form the most desirable process which closely meets your expectations.

Identify Your Business Tasks

The second thing that you need to do is identify your business tasks. You need to have a detailed picture of your business operation and understand each step to identify which process needs to be automated. You can take advantage of automation to automate repetitive and multi-step tasks to save time and effort. For example, a lot of businesses choose to automate their email marketing process. They utilize tracking tools to collect data from customers’ behaviors and purchase history on their eCommerce site to group them into suitable segments. Then, they do the analysis of customer data to generate promotions, product recommendations which closely stick to customer preferences. Next, they take advantage of automation to send email marketing to suitable target customers. As a result, the email marketing campaign can be conducted quickly and accurately.

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Form The Automation Process

After defining the goals and choosing tasks to automate, the eCommerce business runners need to form the workflow. If you have not had any ideas for automation workflow, you can choose one from the workflow library of some automation applications. For example, Atom8 provides users with a wide range of workflows for different business tasks that the eCommerce merchants can choose from. You can adopt available workflows or customize them to fit your business needs. This approach can help you save a lot of time on forming the automation process and conduct automation more quickly.

Test The New Process

Before officially launching your automation process, it is crucial to make sure it will run smoothly and efficiently in the long term. That’s why you need to conduct a test. In this stage, the collaboration among the IT team, automation software partners; and head of each department is essential to identify potential problems and find a way to optimize the process. The careful testing will result in a powerful, smooth and awesome automation process that can boost your business performance and productivity.

Officially Launch Your Automation Procedure

After testing and you like the automation procedure, it’s time for you to launch it in the whole-business scope. During the operation, don’t forget to keep track of your business performance to make immediate adjustments to the automation workflow; thus, minimize the risks of mistakes and errors.


Starting with automation is quite challenging but with our guides, we hope you feel easier. We are looking forward to your flying color selling results with automation, keeping your passions for automation and your effort will be worth it!

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