Tricks And Treats For A “Scary” Good Ecommerce Halloween


People tend to celebrate a bigger and more fantastic Halloween over the years. The increase of this habit has boosted the demand for Halloween shopping on eCommerce platforms. To gain more profits in this hot season, the eCommerce business needs to find ways to attract customers and sell more “scary” goods.

We will take you through some approaches and witness a successful eCommerce Halloween season.

What Do You Need For A “Horrified” Ecommerce Halloween?

Diversify Product Lines

First and foremost, the demand for “scary” goods will increase dramatically in the Halloween festival. To sell more products and gain massive revenues, you must diversify your product line. A wide range of Halloween costumes or Halloween house decorations will attract a lot of buyers. 

Moreover, a tip for the eCommerce sellers is trying to sell unique, ridiculous, and strange items. Those kinds of products will feasibly meet customers’ expectations as they can bring the buyers the most fabulous Halloween experience. 

If you feel difficult in choosing the “scary” products to store and sell, using backorders will be the best solution. You can use the Backorder app on the Bigcommerce platform to allow customers to order items even though they are not in your warehouses.

Create Halloween Atmosphere

Creating a Halloween atmosphere will enhance customers’ buying experience in this season. Also, it is a form of marketing that grabs people’s attention at a glance. 

You can design the Halloween themes, background, or send Happy Halloween emails. To make the atmosphere more lively, you can use automation applications like Atom8 to automatically change the theme every 2 hours. 

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Moreover, content marketing should not be ignored. Some informative content related to Halloween may make customers excited and have more trust in your stores

Launch Halloween Marketing Campaign

We have mentioned Happy Halloween emails above and we also have other forms of marketing campaigns that contribute to your Halloween selling successes. A personalized email marketing about Halloween and related product recommendations will help you introduce your new lines of products to customers and increase sales. 

Moreover, some minigames or giveaways on websites or fanpage in the Halloween concept with special gifts can make your marketing campaign more widespread. 

Discounts And Promotions

Some people still hesitate to buy Halloween products as they don’t want to spend money on one-used items for playing. To alleviate their hesitation and boost sales, it would be better to establish some discount and promotion programs. 

Besides the discount, you can give the buyers some gifts, vouchers, and member cards of which value depending on the amount of their spending. This approach can stimulate their buying and make them buy more products in your eCommerce stores.

Moreover, you may need to cooperate with other partners such as restaurants, hotels, etc., to have some vouchers related to Halloween foods or Halloween playgrounds. Your customers will be interested in those vouchers. Also, they will purchase your products without any reluctance. If you are a Bigcommerce merchant, Atom8 can be a great option as it can help you to automatically apply discounts to current prices and manage your eCommerce store better in this busy season. You can discover Atom8 here:

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The app can boost up your profit and save effort due to intelligent automation functions.


In short, Halloween is a valuable sale season that helps you gain more revenues, profits, and even your companies’ reputation. Carefully preparing for it will make your sales seasons obtain over-expected achievements!


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