Email customers after a quiet period of no orders

Automatically send email to customers who have registered but haven’t made any order after a period of time


If customers do not create any orders in x days after their registration, send email to customer. Also, notify customer service team to take care of those customers.


Shapes used this journey

Customer created

A trigger must be chosen in the beginning. In this case, an automation workflow will start running right after any customer registration.

Total created orders is equal to 0

A condition you can add in Atom8 to filter all customers who haven’t make a purchase yet. Conditions are related to the trigger you created.

Send notification email

Send an internal email notification to the Marketing team to schedule marketing campaigns. Moreover, this process workflow should be discussed beforehand with the team.

Send email to customer via MailChimp

In order to perform this action, you need to finish integration with your Mailchimp account first. Atom8 will provide the options to choose from your list of templates, fill in subjects, sender email, and name.