Top B2B eCommerce challenges for merchants

B2B eCommerce, though having a rich foundation of benefits provided to merchants, B2B buyers still want the same experience as B2C shoppers: efficiency and ease of use. The thing is that each group maintains different needs and customization is getting more important than ever. In this article, top B2B eCommerce challenges for merchants will be […]

5 must have B2B eCommerce softwares

Side by side with the significant growth of digital commerce, as an influence of pandemic, online businesses are emerging. As noted in a report of, the global B2B eCommerce market is valued 6 times bigger than B2C. This number is on the tendency to increase even more quickly. This will cause more and more […]

B2B eCommerce Best Practices

Covid 19 pandemic led to the shift from physical stores to B2B commerce. Businesses are then undergoing pressure to not only follow that shift but to invest more and prioritize digital engagement. A McKinsey report found out that B2B enterprises now consider digital platforms 3 times more important. But yet they might be young and […]

A Quick Guide To B2B Ecommerce

Nowadays, B2B eCommerce has become really prevalent and more exploded in this pandemic context. Moreover, this form of e-commerce business has gained a huge amount of revenue, had a lot of customers and become a new playground for sellers.  If you have an idea of establishing a B2B eCommerce business, this blog is truly for […]

Ultimate Guide To Decrease Churn Rate In B2B Ecommerce

Customer churn rate directly depicts the extent of B2B customers satisfaction and the effectiveness of our customer service and marketing. With a high churn rate, the businesses will deal with considerable loss of customers, revenues, profits, and even reputation. To help B2B eCommerce businesses increase and maintain a good customer churn rate, we have conducted […]

Maybe You Missed These Latest B2B Ecommerce Trends

b2b ecommerce trends

The directions of B2B eCommerce development vary from business to business. However, there are coincidences among various eCommerce business growth that create B2B eCommerce trends. Catching and understanding the latest trends will help your business gain outstanding achievements in current eCommerce contexts. In this post, we will go through the latest and striking B2B eCommerce […]

Practical approaches to B2B eCommerce for distributors

B2B eCommerce for distributors

The demand for eCommerce has allowed B2B distributors to grab their target customers easily. Today, most buyers prefer online marketing and this creates the best platform for a distributor to sell their product online. You have to choose the best B2B platform for solutions. Like Bigcommerce there are several other online platforms available that support […]

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