Steps needed for Ecommerce Automation

steps needed for ecommerce automation

Running a business should be invigorating, not spending all day doing tedious, repetitive tasks. Business owners are turning manual tasks into self-activating programs with automation. If you are reading this, you’re looking for steps needed to take toward eCommerce Automation. Buy your business more time for creativity by learning the basics of eCommerce automation with […]

BigCommerce Atom8 vs. Celigo vs. Flxpoint vs. Walmart Connector

atom8 vs celigo vs flxpoint vs walmart connector

Let’s take a look to see what’s the best choice for BigCommerce eCommerce Automation software between Atom8 (a no-code eCommerce Automation software) vs. Celigo (an iPaaS – integration Platform as a Service) vs. Flxpoint (an eCommerce operation platform) vs. and Walmart Connector (a dedicated store-to-seller integration app). Understanding the difference between connector applications, integration platforms, […]

Google shopping integration with BigCommerce: what does this mean for your store?

It has been always mentioned by Google that businesses should create streamlined shopping experiences for shoppers. And following this issue, they have created Google Shopping. This application leads ads of the product right directly to the site selling the item. To boost this convenience, Google has been encouraging the use of Shopping ads more and […]

Bigcommerce communities to find tech supports

BigCommerce has been so well known as among the most successful platforms that build for online enterprises. It offers consumers scalable features that are essential in building an online store. Their tools are specifically created to maximize the productivity of brands. As impressive as it sounds, problems and issues are along the way, during the […]

How to measure product performance on BigCommerce

How is your current product performance? If you are a BigCommerce store owner, you are probably satisfied with your very good sales results. While in contrast, what would you do with some products that still stay in the warehouse for a long time? Do you have a way to improve it? Knowing product performance will […]

How To Run A Successful Flash Sale On BigCommerce

Running a flash sale on BigCommerce

There are a massive number of flash sales occurring every shopping holiday season such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, etc. Yearly, Americans spend $2.5 billion on thousands of such limited-time deals. Hence, with eCommerce businesses, flash sales are a great way to generate more sales. Are you seeking a guide to run a successful flash […]

A guide to auto-grouping B2B customers on BigCommerce

Customer segmentation plays an important role in maximizing customer satisfaction as well as profitability for online merchants. On BigCommerce, segmentation is also essential for providing different value propositions to each customer group. Groups are critical for eCommerce businesses with B2B customers, since they might need totally different experiences on the same website. For example, access […]

How To Change Order Status in BigCommerce

a hand holding a white box order

An e-commerce order management process starts when a customer places an order and ends with the package arriving at their destination. It is very important to keep track of the order along the way to avoid loss and damage. You can do this by looking at the order status in the BigCommerce control panel.  Order […]

How To Allow Purchase At 0 Inventory In BigCommerce

brown box lot allowing for purchase at 0 inventory

Dropshipping is a retail business model wherein the seller does not keep in-house inventory and is not in charge of delivering the package. Instead, products are sent to the consumer directly from their suppliers or wholesalers. This allows sellers to turn around quickly even with a small amount of in-stock inventory. Technically speaking, the model […]

Leverage Customer Group In BigCommerce

one man and two women in a customer group laughing

Customers are the backbone of any business. Yet, we have passed the time when everyone can be treated similarly. The fast-moving market requires businesses to address the needs of each individual if they want to pursue a long-term customer relationship. One of the most effective tailoring solutions is to create a customer group based on […]

How Can Customers Buy More Goods Than Available On BigCommerce?

model in a store that allows customers to buy more than available

Wholesaling, or buying in bulk, on BigCommerce offers many rooms for business development concerning the enormous order size. However, opportunity always comes with challenges. Sometimes a customer wants to buy more goods than available in the warehouse whereas you’ve already set a certain inventory threshold. There are 2 problems arisen: How can the customer proceed […]

How to hide products in BigCommerce?

person using laptop to hide products in bigcommerce

Retailers hide products every day. These are products that are added, and might also be published, on the BigCommerce store but are hidden from the main shop page and product archives.  Why hiding products? By hiding a product, we make sure that:  The product is not visible for all or a specific group of visitors […]

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