Automated Email Marketing On Magento 2.0

Magento email marketing

A Hubspot survey showed that 99% of shoppers check their mailbox every day. Meanwhile, the ROI generated by email marketing is approximately 3800%. This is why every business wants to engage with customers via emails for maximum impact. This article will discuss 3 tools that help merchants leverage their email marketing performance on Magento 2.0.  […]

Essential Workflows For Magento Stores

a woman happy for having magento automation workflows

Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce hosting sites worldwide. In 2019, approximately 9% of e-commerce retailers chose to migrate their websites on this platform. Besides being a domain provider, Magento 2.0 also provides users with numerous features to boost conversion, enhance product agility, and accelerate business growth. Magento is written in PHP. Therefore, […]

Defense Mechanisms: Rescue Sales With BackOrder

About Defense Mechanisms  Defense Mechanisms is an American-based tactical gear and apparel manufacturer. The company prides itself on creating next-generation tactical gear that serves multiple practical uses. It is highly reliable for constant product updates, spot-on quality, and reasonable prices.  The quest for a back-order solution Over the last century, the demand for tactical gear […]

Ultimate Guide To BigCommerce Multi-store

a women smiling for setting up bigcommerce multi-store

BigCommerce is trusted by many entrepreneurs to host their web store. Sometimes, a business needs more than one web shop to display its products. Basically, you need a system that allows for managing two or more stores from the same backend. Though it is not possible in BigCommerce alone, you can run on a multi-store […]

Best BigCommerce Back-in-stock Notifications Solutions

brown boxes in the warehouse shelves waiting to be back in stock

During the high-demand seasons, merchants often encounter a situation wherein customers keep asking for an out-of-stock item. Failing to fulfill their needs would drive customers away and damage your profit line. This article discusses the 5 best ways to facilitate back-in-stock notifications for BigCommerce merchants.  In Stock Reminder  In Stock Reminder’s core logic is to […]

eCommerce Supply Chain Issues 2021

two women smiling while discussing ecommerce supply chain issues

A lot of things happened in the last 2 years under the influence of the global pandemic. The virus caused disruption across industries and reasons that no brand has ever expected or prepared for. The e-commerce industry is lucky enough to witness tremendous growth thanks to people staying home. Yet they still have to adapt […]

How To Change Order Status in BigCommerce

a hand holding a white box order

An e-commerce order management process starts when a customer places an order and ends with the package arriving at their destination. It is very important to keep track of the order along the way to avoid loss and damage. You can do this by looking at the order status in the BigCommerce control panel.  Order […]

How To Allow Purchase At 0 Inventory In BigCommerce

brown box lot allowing for purchase at 0 inventory

Dropshipping is a retail business model wherein the seller does not keep in-house inventory and is not in charge of delivering the package. Instead, products are sent to the consumer directly from their suppliers or wholesalers. This allows sellers to turn around quickly even with a small amount of in-stock inventory. Technically speaking, the model […]

Guide To Capture Payment In BigCommerce

a woman holding a smartphone to make a payment

Capture payment refers to the process of authorizing a fund before it is approved and withdrawn from the sender’s bank account. Once being captured, the money will be reserved for this payment and cannot be spent anywhere else. It often takes 7 to 30 days to proceed with a capture request. This is beneficial for […]

Allow Backorder For BigCommerce Wholesale Group

There is a blurring line between different types of business these days. Many stores are selling for both wholesale and retail customers. This model is indeed more lucrative. However, it possesses an administrative issue because the demand and requirements are not always the same. For example, wholesale customers are more likely to place a backorder. […]

Leverage Customer Group In BigCommerce

one man and two women in a customer group laughing

Customers are the backbone of any business. Yet, we have passed the time when everyone can be treated similarly. The fast-moving market requires businesses to address the needs of each individual if they want to pursue a long-term customer relationship. One of the most effective tailoring solutions is to create a customer group based on […]

How To Tag Customers On Klaviyo By Atom8?

a person looking at atom8 klaviyo integration on a laptop

Shopify provides hosting services for more than 218 million users worldwide. The platform comes with numerous useful features. Merchants are also free to choose one or several third-party plug-ins to assist their business. When it comes to email marketing, one of the most commonly used apps on Shopify is Klaviyo, which can now be integrated […]

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