How To Set Up An Automated Shopify Store

an automated shopify clothes store

Automation is a helping hand to your Shopify e-commerce business. Each business element that you automate saves your time and resources. That’s why every business is hoping to develop a fully automated Shopify store.  Think about it this way, if you have a task that takes up half an hour every day to finish, which […]

Discount Programs Automation with Atom8

Consumers are becoming more and more price-sensitive these days. The Internet makes it easier for customers to compare prices between different stores, allowing them to get the products they want at the most reasonable price. That’s why discount programs are essential to raising your brand perception. A survey by RetailMeNot showed that 75% of customers […]

How To Implement Magento eCommerce Automation

a person holding an ipad checking on Magento ecommerce automation

Magento eCommerce automation is software integrated into online stores to help merchants improve their business performance. Its purpose is to automate a wide range of business activities, from order management to marketing and sales. Magento offers users a variety of built-in automated functions. Among them, the 5 most widely used features are email triggers, demographic […]

Send Customer Groups To Email Marketing Platforms By Atom8

two women working on laptop to send customer groups to email marketing platforms

Statistics show that every $1 spent in email marketing could drive a return on investment (ROI) of approximately $42. This tool is particularly useful for lead generation, sales, and leads nurturing. Recently, a new tactic has been widely adopted named email marketing automation. It allows online marketers to send customer groups information from the store […]

Schedule Sale Price Lists With Atom8

For a few years, BigCommerce merchants have been looking out for a way to schedule sale price start and end date. This feature is of high necessity for store owners. Setting up a sales date is indeed more convenient than having an employee manually update pricing at any time. Unfortunately, the BigCommerce native functionally only […]

How Can Customers Buy More Goods Than Available On BigCommerce?

model in a store that allows customers to buy more than available

Wholesaling, or buying in bulk, on BigCommerce offers many rooms for business development concerning the enormous order size. However, opportunity always comes with challenges. Sometimes a customer wants to buy more goods than available in the warehouse whereas you’ve already set a certain inventory threshold. There are 2 problems arisen: How can the customer proceed […]

Atom8 Merchandising Automation Examples

More and more businesses these days are employing merchandising automation in their store. eCommerce merchandising is the art of displaying product and offer in your webstore to maximize salability. Online retail sales are expected to grow by $5.4 trillion by 2022. Many businesses are expanding their online presence, making the competition even fiercer. Without a […]

Schedule Product Visibility with Atom8

pen paper and phone in the table for schedule

How well your website navigates is critical to your customer satisfaction. A disorganized or overwhelming online store will definitely hinder your business’ success. Potential customers are going to spend their money somewhere else. Therefore, you need to make sure that important information, such as product visibility, is presented accurately upfront.  Businesses have their inventory updated […]

E-Commerce Fraud Detection with Atom8

In recent years, e-commerce fraud has grown twice as fast as e-commerce sales. Fraudulent orders are a nightmare for every business. It not only causes loss of money but also damages your brand reputation and drives customers away. More than ever, e-commerce merchants need to apply effective methods to protect against fraud.  However, not every […]

Packing Slip for Backordered Items

What is a packing slip?  A packing slip is a document made by the seller that provides the complete list of items included in a package. Buyers should always check the packing slip at the time of delivery to make sure the goods match what is stated inside.  A packing slip often contains information regarding:  […]

How To Add A Discount Badge On BigCommerce

three boxes with ribbon for sale

A discount program is an important part of the retail strategy to generate more sales and increase revenue. The logic behind this is to stimulate a tremendous number of orders to make up for the decreased price. It is commonly used by merchants on special occasions such as store anniversaries, Black Friday, or year-end offers […]

How to hide products in BigCommerce?

person using laptop to hide products in bigcommerce

Retailers hide products every day. These are products that are added, and might also be published, on the BigCommerce store but are hidden from the main shop page and product archives.  Why hiding products? By hiding a product, we make sure that:  The product is not visible for all or a specific group of visitors […]

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