Top 7 B2B eCommerce Site Examples You Can Learn From

b2b ecommerce example

Building a fabulous B2B eCommerce site usually takes eCommerce sellers a lot of time and effort. Considering and taking a deep look into some  B2B eCommerce site examples can help them withdraw thoughtful lessons about how to get success with a great  B2B eCommerce Site.

Our article today will give you some outstanding B2B eCommerce Site examples, which can help you improve your own one.

Best Examples Of B2B Ecommerce Website


Alibaba is known as a Chinese giant in B2B and B2C eCommerce business. This company sells products in more than 40 industries for customers from over 240 nations. This B2B eCommerce website’s design and function focus on customers’s needs. It adapts localization methods for each market entered, sells suitable products, and customizes the web experience for different areas. Moreover, the buyers do not need to pay any fee for using web features. This is because Alibaba gains revenues from commissions and ads. 

Amazon Business

Doing business in the same field as Alibaba, Amazon is dominant in the US and Western countries. The story of Amazon B2B eCommerce is awesome as it can gain revenues of $10 billion within only 4 years. Amazon provides a fulfilled package of features on their B2B eCommerce site. These meet the demand of most of the B2B stores, including invoice paying, multi-user accounts, etc. Although it offers various functions, the manipulation is a piece of cake. Moreover, to motivate the buying power, it also establishes a program that allows customers to upgrade their member levels with the limited spending amount, and thus the buyers can utilize more outstanding features than before. 

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OverDrive, which is extremely famous for selling audiobooks and ebooks for education and retails. It also possesses an awesome B2B eCommerce site. It provides transparent and easy-to-understand books’ descriptions and huge sources of digital content for the buyers This approach can help the customers feasibly to choose their favorite products without being lost in a confusing mass of information. Also, the website is quick-responding and smooth-operating enough to handle a large number of customers.


Sterlitech, which specializes in membrane and filtration products, always provides a variety of products on its B2B eCommerce site. The purchases don’t need to spend a lot of time selecting and considering among items. Since the platform provides filters to find out the list of their expected products. Moreover, to support the customers from A to Z, Sterlitech also established a blog channel to give the buyers ultimate buying guides, tips to use and other useful information. All the features and essential address is on the homepage and the customers can use them to enhance their shopping experience or call for support whenever they need it.


3DXTech sells 3D printing products, and it has gotten success with outstanding product pop-ups. Whenever the customers give it their emails, the B2B eCommerce site can track and realize your tendency to offer well-matched popups and product recommendations. This approach can open chances for the purchaser to access expected items without spending too much time, and also gain more revenues as the 3DXTech can sell more products. 


If you are doing business in the logistics and shipping fields, ACME has a valuable B2B eCommerce site for you to learn from. This website is well-designed in a minimalist style, focusing on essential features instead of providing overwhelming types of functions. Also, the manipulation is easy and smooth so any customer can shop and explore its products without any barriers. 

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With the 7 examples of B2B eCommerce sites above, we really hope that you have already had your idea to develop and upgrade your site from today with promising successes


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