5 eCommerce Store Preparation Steps To Sleigh This Christmas Holiday


Christmas Holiday is one of the hottest sale seasons in the year which brings a large number of customers and revenues for your eCommerce stores. According to Statista, the revenue of retail sales in 2021 Christmas will grow to about 755.3 billion U.S. dollars. The better you prepare for it, the bigger achievements your eCommerce will receive. eCommerce Christmas holiday is a valuable opportunity but also a challenge for online stores.

This article will show you how to catch the opportunities and overcome the challenges to get success 

Ultimate Guides To Make Your Ecommerce Christmas Sale Perfect

Prepare New An Attractive Christmas Products

You may be concerned about what people tend to buy for their upcoming eCommerce Christmas holidays. Obviously, the decorations, foods, clothes, toys, items for gifts will be the top priority for buyers at Christmas. You should prepare for these must-have products to meet the average demand of customers. According to Statista (2020), gift cards were the most popular Christmas gift as 48% of respondents said that they intended to buy Christmas cards for this holiday season. Besides, a considerable number of respondents stated that clothing was their Christmas gift choice.

Moreover, if you want to attract more customers, it would be better to prepare some unique and impressive items like colorful bulbs, impressive Christmas trees, etc.

Create an Ecommerce Christmas Atmosphere

The best eCommerce stores are which can give customers the best real shopping experience. When all the brick-and-mortar shops start to decorate their shopping corners in Christmas styles, the online store owners should apply some new Christmas themes to cover the shopping site. 

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Moreover, animation or music should be added to the eCommerce website to enhance customers’ experience. You can use the automatic application to help you change the Christmas theme every 2 hours. 

Shorten Waiting Time

According to Financesonline 67% of Christmas shoppers want to plan to buy more from online marketplaces and they spent $201.32 billion online during the holiday season (Digital Commerce 360, 2021). When your eCommerce becomes crowded as you have so many interesting selections for customers, another thing you need to pay attention to is enhancing site traffic and speeding up the order fulfillment process. The customers will become impatient if they need to take too much time waiting for any buying process. They may abandon their carts and leave your stores without finishing the orders. 

To shorten their waiting time, it would be necessary to use the automatic application to convert the order process to automatic operation, which only takes a little time to run without any mistakes. 

Moreover, you should upgrade and improve your website to avoid slow traffic when there are so many visitors.

Launch Christmas Marketing Campaign

It will be useless if you have prepared carefully for everything but nobody knows about your thrilling eCommerce Christmas sale. That is why you need to launch an eCommerce Christmas marketing campaign. 

There are so many forms of marketing that you can choose from. However, following the trends and the effectiveness of each form, email marketing, and marketing on social media platforms can bring you the best results. 

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To avoid making your marketing emails become junk mails or spam, you should send them to suitable customer groups with well-matched and useful content. It is not difficult to do so, the support of an automatic application that can track your customer’s behaviors and group them into best-suited segments.

Discounts And Promotions

Discounts and promotions are traditional approaches for a successful eCommerce Christmas sale season. Have you heard the phrase “old but gold’? Discounts and promotions are extremely valuable to motivate customers to buy your products as in 2019, 47% of purchasers stated that they only buy on-sale items in the holiday season. (Salesforce, 2019)

Selecting the right products for discounts and establishing attractive promotion strategies will create a powerful motivation for customers to buy at your eCommerce store. You may need to consider some common forms of promotion  “buy 1 get 1”, early payment discounts, overstock sales, free shipping discounts, etc.


Are you ready for the upcoming eCommerce Christmas with massive revenues? Take action with the 5 steps above and you achieve a successful Christmas sale season!


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