Last-Minute Holiday Ecommerce Website Checklist

ecommerce website checklist

Holiday preparation requires a careful process that reduces mistakes and plans for uncertainty. Therefore, a thorough holiday eCommerce website checklist becomes extremely crucial. It ensures your store runs smoothly and gains expected revenues in the hot sale season,

Our article today will go through some important points that must be included in your last-minute checklist that can enhance your store’s effectiveness and efficiency. 

Make Your Holiday Ecommerce Website Ready With Final Checklist

Update Holiday Themes

To make the customers know whether your stores have any special campaign for holiday sales, updating the eCommerce website appearance must be on top of your checklist. Moreover, it would be boring if you keep one theme or background throughout the sale season. You should prepare for different designs, banners, and advertisements, and change them continually. 

Thus, a useful tip here is taking advantage of some automatic applications like Atom8 on BigCommerce and Shopify platforms to automatically change your eCommerce store’s theme every 2 hours. Check it out here:

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Atom8 can make your store management process easier with the ability to automate hundreds of backend tasks.

Launch Email Marketing Campaign

If the customers do not have time to visit your eCommerce store, how can they know about your special deals or discounts on holiday sales? It’s time to add email marketing to your eCommerce website checklist. 

Besides, the normal email with boring and over-advertising content can disturb the customers. Then, you may receive their negative feedback or complaints or even “unsubscribe” notification. To improve the quality of email marketing, you should adopt personalization into each email. 

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You can utilize tracking tools to figure out customers’ behaviours, then group them into suitable segmentation and prepare from personalized email marketing. Next, an automatic application like Atom8 can send those emails to target customers to notify them of the special deals or product recommendations that are well-matched with their expectations we had discovered before.

Sort Order

To help the customers feel easy to find their expected products and help your store sell more stocks. Perhaps you need to add order categorizing features into your eCommerce website checklist. With this function, you can set the product sorting in accordance with your selling strategies to avoid too many inventories left. This approach will let the products you want to sell more be on top and attract more customers.

Plan To Sell All Your Products

It’s common to bundle slow-selling items with hot products. This is an effective way to increase your product and order value.

Out of stock is a common problem when selling hot products during the holidays. Therefore, your eCommerce checklist must include the approaches to deal with this issue. A backorder may be an outstanding solution as it allows your customers to make orders of unavailable items

If you use the Bigcommerce platform, the BackOrder app can rescue your out-of-stock revenue and enhance customers’ shopping experience without disrupting their buying process. Its usage is really easy and straightforward. All you need to do is pre-setting all the items as backorders. Whenever they are sold out, the customers still can buy them and receive the shipments at a later date.

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Try the must-have app here:

BackOrder CTA

BackOrder allows customers to purchase past 0 inventory, which can contribute greatly to your revenue and conversion rate.


Have you paid attention to our suggestions before? We hope that with our reminders, you can plan for your own eCommerce website checklist carefully before the upcoming sale seasons to attain awesome achievements and overcome challenges.


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