Top payment gateways for BigCommerce stores

BigCommerce payment gateway is one of the big concerns of every merchant and customer when opening a store on BigCommerce particularly and any eCommerce platform in general. While BigCommerce offers more than 65 pre-integrated online payment solutions, serving 230 countries and over 140 currencies, this blog post will mention the 7 top payment gateways on […]

Customer Approval And Notify Customers On BigCommerce Stores

customer approval and notify customer on BigCommerce store

The default of BigCommerce accepts new account registrations automatically and does not allow store owners to decline them. This sometimes brings inconvenience to customer management. Therefore, in this article, we’ll provide you a way to set up customer approval for your store and notify new customers after your approval.   What is customer approval? Customer […]

Top Bigcommerce Stores: Fastfix Got Back In Control With The Right Tools

Top BigCommerce stores Fastfix

About Fastfix Fastfix is the one-stop solution for all types of Makita tools. The best part is you will get all the tools at a very low cost, in comparison to others. Since 1990 Fastfix has been acting as a tool distributor of Bristol and also an official Makita distributor. It has been above twenty […]

Top BigCommerce Stores: Burrow’s Need for Flexibility and Customization

Top BigCommerce Stores Burrow

About Burrow Burrow is a top-class Company, offering a wide range of sofas to its valued customers. Not all furniture companies understand the needs of sofa lovers. The comfy corners of the sofa increase the comfort and luxury of owning a sofa. Burrow’s owners had understood what people find in the sofas and came up […]

Top BigCommerce Stores: Silent Pool Distillers – Migration for Growth

Top BigCommerce stores: Silent Pool Distillers

About Silent Pool Distillers Silent Pool Distiller is another famous store that is present on the BigCommerce. BigCommerce is a top-class website that assists people in reaching a wider and new audience. It increases the reach of the business platform by increasing the conversion rates, growth rate, and development of the business. However, the main […]

Top BigCommerce Stores: How Perpetual Kid Find the Perfect Fit

Top BigCommerce stores Perpetual Kid

About Perpetual Kid The perpetual kit is a famous brand in the Toy & Game sector. It is a great store of toys that offers high-quality, durable, and reliable toys to people. Curt Eastman and Wendy Papula wanted to introduce a unique business idea to people. So, the Perpetual Kid owners introduced the idea of […]

Top BigCommerce Stores: Brand Collective’s Strategy to Localize Superdry’s Operation

Top BigCommerce stores: Brand Collective

About Brand Collective and Superdry Brand Collective is the leading house of brands in Australia, with popular brands like Clarks, Superdry, Grosby, and a large variety of products ranging from footwear, workwear, to luxurious apparel. Superdry plc is a clothing company based in the United Kingdom that owns the Superdry label. Not to mention Vintage […]

Best Themes For BigCommerce Stores

wine store layout

Do you have a product to sell online? Then you need a powerful online platform that will provide the best experience for your customers. BigCommerce provides fully-featured online stores and eCommerce websites with several kinds of themes for leveraging your store layout. To make it easier, we have selected the 10 best BigCommerce themes for […]

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