Top 10 B2B eCommerce trends and statistics from 2021

b2b ecommerce statistics 2021

We are going to the end of 2021, which is considered an exploded year of eCommerce. We have witnessed some considerable changes in eCommerce trends, which may become fundamental for you to form your strategies for the upcoming years. Our article today will conclude some notable 2021 B2B ecommerce trends and statistics to draw a picture of 2021 ecommerce development.

10 Notable 2021 B2B eCommerce statistics

Enhance Customer Experience

2021 eCommerce operation tends to focus on bringing a better experience for the customers. Most of the businesses started to invest more in sales and customer services to make the customers feel comfortable and convenient when shopping online. The “Customer Experience Management Market” has forecasted that the customer experience management market will increase to $14.9 million before 2025.

Focus On Personalization

The B2B eCommerce business has applied personalization into their approaches. Those are more specific, easy to meet customers’ demands and feasible to improve customers’ experiences. Personalization plays a strategic role in upselling and cross-selling as it helps sellers to recommend well-matched products to the buyers. 

Robust Growth Of Global Marketplace

Last year, some global marketplace such as Amazon dominated the eCommerce market. Ans this year has witnessed the robust growth of the Enterprise Marketplace. Enterprise Marketplace is a new and more innovative form that offers more functionalities, approaches and methods to increase profits. Also, the business runners have saved a lot of money and effort to form and operate their selling as well. The future of Enterprise Marketplace is really promising, which is forecasted to expand globally in the next few years.

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Increase Of Omni Channel

The sellers in 2021 choose to take advantage of a lot of selling channels via the combination of various channels. One of them is offline selling called Omni Channel. This model can help the customers to shop in your stores wherever they want. Those can be brick-and-mortar stores, online stores or on social platforms. Omnichannel allows business runners to manage and monitor their selling more efficiently in this changing world. 

Increase Of Self-Service

It is not deniable that the customers in 2021 B2B eCommerce want to finish their buying process without any intervention from supporters and sales staff. They want to decide all the steps, including products they want to buy, payment methods, or shipping options. This approach can save time for sale assistance, also help your stores boost sales and customer satisfaction.

Mobile Shopping

Our smartphone is optimized, that the users can do everything with their phone, including online shopping. Normal adults usually use their smartphones 5 hours per day on average. Which means the business runners should optimize their website mobile interface. Thanks to its convenience, B2B mobile commerce is going to explode in the next year.

Payment Diversification

The pandemic has opened a more convenient payment world for B2B customers. They can choose various payment options to finish their orders including traditional bank transactions, online payment, e-wallets and so on. The incredible integration among channels helps the customers and sellers resolve all the issues related to payment barriers, transaction fees and also complicated processes. 

Technical Solutions

Technology is still a supportive companion of 2021 B2B eCommerce. The business runners have taken advantage of some applications and extensions. Purposes are to bring more useful functions to their online stores and serve B2B customers. Those extensions include quick order, bulk order, automatic applications, product recommendation and so on. For example, B2B platform from GritGlobal provides more professional features for B2B customers. It gives them a better experience when shopping with an easy-to-use interface and simple manipulation.

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Increase Of B2B buyers

The number of B2B buyers after the Covid-19 attack has increased dramatically. Therefore, the sellers have provided B2B eCommerce websites for their existing customers to serve them via B2B accounts with more professional functions such as bulk orders, quick orders, tier pricing and so on.

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Communicate Directly With Customers

With the unprecedented rising demand for personalization, the 2021 B2B eCommerce marketers started to communicate with customers more directly. The sellers have diversified their approaches to engaging with customers, including email marketing, on-site content, personalized product recommendation with high-quality and helpful content to increase their satisfaction.


With the reported 2021 B2B eCommerce trends and statistics above, we hope that you can catch the eCommerce tendency and make your store fit with the current contexts.


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