5 upsell email examples that actually work

upsell emails

Upselling is a powerful strategy for eCommerce merchants who want to boost their sales and revenues. While eCommerce merchants can upsell in different forms, upsell email is considered as one of the most effective ways to reach directly to target customers with personalized lists of products. If you are still concerned about how to get started with upsell email, our article today will bring you 5 most effective examples that you can learn from.

Apply Those Upsell Email Examples To Your Growing Sales


The first example that can inspire you is from Grammarly. When Grammarly notified customers that they have reached the limitation and need to upgrade to the next plan, they say “You were especially productive last week”. Beyond a compliment, Grammarly also provides personalized data on the customers’ activities and gives them some encouragement to be more productive. At the end of the email, Grammarly adds an up-selling part to invite customers to upgrade to a premium account. Also, they don’t forget to add information about awesome additional features of the premium plan to convince customers.

Underwear Expert

Underwear expert upsell email strategy has some similar points with other online fashion stores; as they recommend related items to complete the outfits. In their email notification about the ship, they add some recommended items for upselling with the call-to-action design. The Underwear Expert does not take the customers to the product page but leads them directly to the checkout page whenever they click on the suggested items on the up-selling emails. This approach can help the customers shorten the buying process, make decisions more quickly and avoid cart abandonment on up-selling items. 


Crocs have a slightly different upsell email strategy compared to other brands. Instead of direct upselling, Crocs send emails to give customers a discount on the next order. Crocs do not need to recommend specific products but still motivates customers to place more orders on the eCommerce site. Moreover, each discount will be enclosed with a specific expiration date; which can speed up customers’ decision-making process and make the product recommendations more attractive. If you are usually afraid of suggesting irrelevant products to customers, you can give this approach a try.


Airbnb provides customers various products and services to make the trips more awesome. In the order confirmation emails, besides the detailed information about what the customers placed, Airbnb also suggests some more destinations for the customers to visit; and thus they can extend their stay at the hotels for more nights. This is an indirect approach to upsell via something similar to customer care.


Walmart also takes advantage of email order confirmation to upsell. Besides the detailed information of customers’ orders, Walmart also recommended similar kinds of products but bigger ( in size) than what customers had ordered. They don’t forget to display the amount of money that customers can save when buying larger-sized products.


With 5 the most effective upsell email examples that we have collected, we hope you can run an upsell email campaign to engage customers, motivate buying more and boost your revenues. If you still feel it is difficult to start with upselling, you can try Order Booster; to set the rules for effective upsell strategies as well as have more ideas to recommend related products on BigCommerce.

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