Steps needed for Ecommerce Automation

steps needed for ecommerce automation

Running a business should be invigorating, not spending all day doing tedious, repetitive tasks. Business owners are turning manual tasks into self-activating programs with automation. If you are reading this, you’re looking for steps needed to take toward eCommerce Automation. Buy your business more time for creativity by learning the basics of eCommerce automation with […]

BigCommerce Atom8 vs. Celigo vs. Flxpoint vs. Walmart Connector

atom8 vs celigo vs flxpoint vs walmart connector

Let’s take a look to see what’s the best choice for BigCommerce eCommerce Automation software between Atom8 (a no-code eCommerce Automation software) vs. Celigo (an iPaaS – integration Platform as a Service) vs. Flxpoint (an eCommerce operation platform) vs. and Walmart Connector (a dedicated store-to-seller integration app). Understanding the difference between connector applications, integration platforms, […]

Top 5 Workflow Automation Software For Your Online Business

workflow automation software top 5

Online businesses today have started to convert manual operations to automatic ones. To upgrade their business activities, choosing suitable workflow automation software is truly important. Overwhelming among various selections is a nightmare! We have researched and found the five best workflow automation software for online businesses. 5 Hottest Workflow Automation Applications Atom 8 Atom8 is […]

Top 5 BigCommerce Order Management Automation Workflows


Order management automation is a great way of increasing the effectiveness and productivity of your team. In this article, we’ll outline 5 order management automation workflows on BigCommerce so that you can apply them to your store right now. Let’s dive in. 1. Categorizing orders Auto-classifying orders helps online store owners manage orders easily, especially […]

Workflow Automation Tips For Small Businesses

Workflow automation for small business

Automation has become an integral part of life in every way. Thus, the sooner your business embraces it, the more you’ll be equipped for future challenges. Automation takes after all the manual processes of your business. Every minute is valuable for the survival of a small business. Good time management would distinguish between failure and […]

Integrate Workflow Automation into eCommerce Stores

a man at a book store which needs workflow automation

The eCommerce industry is a thriving one with a worth of over $3.4 billion. This market will continue to grow given current opportunities. A smart way to get a firm grip on such a competition is to integrate workflow automation in your web store. eCommerce websites operate all-round the clock. You can process orders every […]

Best Shopify Workflow Automation Apps 2021

a man using Shopify automation in the building

Workflow automation is the act of streamlining multiple tasks on your Shopify store into one process that is executed automatically without human intervention. This kind of automation is getting more and more popular for its benefits of saving time and increasing productivity. In fact, when you’re looking at the workflow automation category on the Shopify […]

How to Create a Workflow Template

creation of a workflow template

In the previous article, we’ve discussed 6 steps to create an efficient automation workflow. Yet before having a workflow run across your store, you need to visualize the workflow you want to automate in the form of a diagram. This is called the workflow template.  A workflow template lists the involved steps on the lines. […]

How to Schedule Automation Trigger

More and more businesses are employing automation apps to operate more effectively online. The most convenient part of automation is that it can be triggered whenever needed without human intervention. In other words, automation trigger is activation workflow automation according to predetermined rules and time. Looking into detail, workflow automation refers to the design and […]

How Automation Changes Business Workflow

automation changes the way people do business

Business workflow automation allows organizations to streamline their critical processes using technology. The aim is to minimize the complexity of having to conduct repetitive tasks all at once.  Automation is not only efficient in terms of cost and time but also helps online stores expand their business more rapidly. Below we discuss 7 easily-adopted automation […]

How to Create Efficient Workflow Automation

Workflow automation is a quick and easy way to boost your efficiency with consistent results over time.  Processes that include a series of tasks are often operated manually with a bunch of paper or a combination of spreadsheets, email, and tons of tabs on your browser. Either way, it is frustrating and always prone to […]

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