Top 5 eCommerce Automations To Kick Back on July 4th

Black Friday banners

Are you wondering how to make an effective July 4th strategy? Don’t worry. In this article, we will discuss some of the proven hacks to plan for the coming 4th of July break to scoop up as many extra sales as possible while enjoying a cold one with your loved ones. 1. Create special 4th […]

Atom8 June Product Update – New Onboarding Interface

Grit June Product Update

We heard you loud and clear! BigCommerce merchants want automation to be simple, effective, and easy to monitor. Atom8’s new and improved interface makes it easier than ever for any online seller to start on their automation journey. Try out Atom8 for free with our 14-day trial; all features are unlocked. Get your first automation […]

Atom8 May Product Update – Expression Support

Atom8 Expression Support

Say hello to Atom8‘s latest feature: Expression Support! This new functionality builds on our previous feature releases, HTTP Workflows and External Data support, to give BigCommerce merchants new tools to enhance data manipulation capabilities within their automation workflows. BigCommerce merchants can now utilize Atom8 Expression Support to manipulate data, perform calculations, and transform their automation […]

German Foods: Personalized Care with Atom8​

​​​​​​Atom8 is a game-changing tool for small-to-medium-size BigCommerce stores like German Foods. Atom8 enables automated customer care emails, providing exceptional service and enhancing brand trust

5 Effective Ways To Sell Excess Inventory for eCommerce Stores

Sell Excess Inventory

Knowing what to do with surplus inventory is a problem most business owners and eCommerce managers face at some point. All those products piled up in your storage space cost you time and money that could be better spent focusing on the next season’s top-selling products. All retailers and eCommerce brands need to sell excess […]

Atom8 Handbook

Atom8 Handbook

Download your free Atom8 Handbook today and get the latest insight into streamlining your e-commerce store

Lexair: Communicate Excellence with Atom8​

​​​​​​Lexair is a global communications tech firm that serves government agencies and B2B customers. Lexair uses Atom8 to streamline its customer segmentation process!

External Data Support (HTTP Triggers) with Atom8

Atom8’s External Data workflow allows you to send and receive HTTP requests to and from any external system. This information can be collected from various sources, including BigCommerce API, your CRM/ERP with API documentation, your store’s inventory management systems, etc. This data can be incorporated into Atom8’s workflow and be used to automate any action […]

Follow Up with Leads After an Order is Placed

Send personalized emails (or any other follow-up emails) to your customers when a transaction occurs via email marketing tools (MailChimp/SendGrid/Klaviyo). By humanizing the relationship between your business and your clients, you will gain customer engagement that results in excellent brand loyalty.

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