5 signs you should go headless with BigCommerce

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Headless architecture is becoming more popular in the modern eCommerce world by creating a more flexible front end to be compatible with the back end. During your operation, the sellers may encounter some challenges. Those are related to the front end of their website that they need to go headless with BigCommerce. However, when you should implement headless on BigCommerce is still questionable. As a result, our article will give you some clues with a clear signal to decide whether it is the right time to go headless.

5 Remarkable Signals That You Should Go Headless With BigCommerce

Low-response Website

If you are witnessing a low-response website, underestimate performance with too many bugs during your operations, you may need to think about going headless. The consequences of slow load times are really terrible. They could be poor search rankings, cart abandonment and low product page conversion rate. The ideal loading times should be under 2.5 seconds and if your website is equal to or higher than, you need to consider it headless. According to OneBlade, after three months that they go headless, the loading time spent has been decreasing up to 83%. Plus, their average order value has been increased by 30.1%.

Unfriendly Interface

If your stores’ appearance is not attractive and useful, you should not hesitate to implement headless. It is also true when you can not improve by adding more features to your storefront. Headless architecture allows you to design your stores’ front end with more media, video and creative features. They improve your store attractiveness, customers’ shopping experience and your operation without affecting the back end and slow down your website. 

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Unable To Run Promotion Campaigns Effectively

Due to the incompatibility between front end and the back end, the marketing teams may find it difficult to run promotion and advertising campaigns. With some modification on the storefront, they need to go through the complicated backend. However, with headless architecture, when stores need to change banners, background or theme, they do not adjust the back end. As a result, the headless help the marketing and promotion campaign run smoothly, effortlessly and quickly.

Hard To Modify Page Content

A website without headless creates challenges for merchants to edit website content, and negatively affect web content management procedure. You have too many barriers when modifying and arranging articles and blogs? It’s time to implement headless. It not only helps you to edit content effortlessly but also let you access some convenient approaches. Those are bulk edit or schedule posting blog without setting from the backend.  Read more: Bigcommerce upsell

Difficult To Customize

Lastly, if you struggle to control your business on the website including security, inventory management, web performance and so on, you should go headless to manage tasks separately. Web performance tasks may have something related to the backend, with a decoupled approach. Other tasks such as inventory and product management can be controlled and monitored well in the front end. As a result, managers, who do not have any technical skills, can run business effortlessly. 


BigCommerce headless implementation can be an ideal approach for the business runner to simplify business tasks and operate their ecommerce website effortlessly without technical requirements and complicated process.

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