Top 5 Awesome Zapier Alternatives


Zapier is one of the most prevailing apps for eCommerce stores with outstanding features and various functions. However, there are some drawbacks of Zapier, that make it may not be totally suitable with all eCommerce business operations; then, the business runners need to find some Zapier alternatives.

We have researched and collected the five best Zapier alternative applications, which have the same ability with some more compelling features. 

5 Great Options For Zapier Alternatives


Recently, Atom8 has become widespread in eCommerce stores on Shopify and BigCommerce as its multi-functions and smooth operation. It can automate your business tasks related to different fields such as order fulfillment, content management, data-generating, real-time notification, customers group, and so on. 

For example, Atom8 can automatically hide or public blogs on your eCommerce website, it also helps you to apply the discount program to products in peak season. If you are worried about the loss of fraudulent orders, Atom8 may be a great selection as it has an effective workflow to help you realize the fraud in the early stage of the order fulfillment process.

Atom8 provides a wide range of workflows that you can choose one and it can run automatically. Also, you can customize for your business a unique workflow, which sticks to your operation methods. 


IFTTT is a noticeable Zapier alternative that is affordable and easy to use. IFTTT can help any business runners, no matter beginners or experts, to automate their business process with prebuilt templates

Besides the workflows, IFTTT also optimizes your tasks with its wide network of connections that help you stay focused on only one platform and do various things even when they need support from external software. 

Its pricing plan is extremely flexible as IFTTT offers different packages for developers, teams, and enterprises. possesses some coincidence with Zapier, but it also has limitations and some added features. In terms of drawbacks, only has about 200 integrated apps while Zapier provides a wider network of more than 3,000 apps. Due to this reason, is more affordable and suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. 

Moreover, it also has two new interesting functions, including additional timing and conditional features which help the business runners manage all the workflow more strictly but effortlessly. 


If you want to put more effort into your business’s marketing and promotion activities, LeadsBridge will be a well-matched insert. This Zapier alternative app has an integrated network that contains roughly 400 apps mainly focused on marketing and advertising software. 

You can take advantage of LeadsBridege to do email marketing campaigns, reach potential customers and manage your promotion activities. If you have a new eCommerce store, it can help you to look for your target customers. 

HubSpot Operations Hub

Piesync – a part of HubSpot Operations Hub is a different Zapier alternative compared to other apps we have mentioned. Piesync’s strength is synchronizing data between two apps. The sellers, who possess a lot of stores in different markets, can utilize this app to convert all the data from many sources to only one place for convenient management. 

Moreover, you can customize integrations between viral software such as Mailchimp, Intercom, Microsoft 365, etc.


With our interesting Zapier alternatives above, have you found for your eCommerce business the best right application? We believe that you definitely had your own selection and be ready to strengthen your operation from today!


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